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Pretty stoked about these ones releasing in December.




viagra side effects

I dont usually fukx with Adidas, Califruits either for that matter. But when they do shit with Ransom (Adidas that is) it always comes out flawless. The mid-version would be nice for the winter. We’ll see if i get them!





cialis vs viagra




viagra vs cialis

Looks like a pretty nice shoe, i specially like the orange laces on the black canvas.

(via Highsnobiety)
After setting up shop in otc viagra’s Covent Garden store basement earlier this year, Emerica once again teamed up with Slam, along with their friend and illustrator Arran Gregory, to produce an exclusive collaboration version of the Laced shoe.

Featuring Arran’s distinctive custom artwork on the insole and box art, and the Slam ‘rat signal’ logo on the tongue in homage to the London skate scene, the shoe is a classic make up with a black suede toe piece and canvas upper. The sneaker is available exclusively at Slam City Skates stores and in their online store. Also make sure to check out the video here below, featuring Arran Gregory and Emerica UK rider Tom Knox.


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Just saw the release for Supremes Winter/Fall 2011. Looks pretty dope, i hope Patta in Amsterdam will take some of the stuff in, other than that its pretty hard getting this stuff in Europe. Anyway, looks dope. Time to sleep now. Nighty.


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