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Tag "sneaker"

So i got this opportunity from viagra dosage over at viagra 100mg to do this promotional video for the upcoming shoe they we’re going to do with Asics. This is all Amsterdam mode so I got some nice shots of the shoes, and went out for a night in the city to get the classic canals, bikeracks, all that stuff. Stabilized almost all the footage with the Warper in CS5.5 and graded it til’ the way i liked it. Live today, i proudly present this video! Biggup!

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how long does viagra last

So viagra 100mg had this contest a few days back with the intention to take or create an image that had something to do with Patta. Me being a regular customer i though i would give it a try.

Think i bent the rules a little bit though when i saw the other contestants taking photographs of Patta products. Anyway they did this lighter a few weeks ago that i though was dope, so i modeled it and lit up the scene a lil’ nicely.

I actually won and got me a pair of the Patta x Kangaroo boots they released this saturday (actually already bought a pair then, so now i have one to put on ice!). Super stoked! Here is my submission, click viagra price for bigger image.





cheap viagra

Woke up early this Sunday morning. As I might been telling earlier, the summer here does not exist. At least not this year. This morning i actually woke up by the rain smashing on the window. Latest week has been crazy, thunder and crazy rain. Though we were going to get some summer now in August because July was really really like 8 days of sun, the rest rain or cold as fuck. Anyway…

Update on the million, the money is gone and i got 8kr in interest for having them on my savings account, haha. So that story is over, time to get on with the real life.

So Saturday there was a big sneaker convention in town. Sneakerness. Think they are touring around in Europe right now with a lot of sellers and exhibitors. Walked around for like 3 hours checking out everything. Was nice seeing some stuff I only seen on images. Nike SB’s like Paris, Tiffany, The Three Bears, Floom and so on. Super nice, walked around for almost three hours checkin’ it all out.

Was hard finding some decent stuff in my size but at least I walked away with 6 old Sneakerfreaker issues that I didn’t had, one pair of Nike SB Dunk Lo Wieger’s and a Undefeated cap. Been looking for them Dunks for a long time since i skated them to parts almost 4 years ago. Well, here is some images. As usual more on my side effects of viagra.

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Theotis Beasleyes new dunk looks pretty sick with the safari pattern. Pretty down with the Bruins and the red Janoski. Looking solid as always, except the P.rod 4, the big blue one. Horrible, just horrible.




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(via when will generic viagra be available)


Primarily known for creating three-dimensional sculptures from recycled skate decks, homemade viagra recently created this version of the Nike Dunk. The special edition Dunk was actually created from decks belonging to skaters from Nike’s own pro skate team and include boards from the likes of: P-Rod, Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Brian Anderson, Cory Kennedy and many more. The pair is actually modelled on a pair of haroshi’s own well-worn shoes. These detailed shots (exclusive to Hypebeast and of course Nike themselves), illustrate each of the creases, crimps and even the knotted laces worked into the sculptures. Interestingly the curvature of the decks accurately matches that of the used Dunk, which is portrayed as a hidden message within the art. A second subliminal message is found under X-ray scanning, where “Sole in soul” is revealed, making a pun from the skate artwork that finds itself on the underside of the shoe.




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Going to this party tonight, seriously so fucking stoked. Gonna be nice hook up with some crowd i have not met yet. Sneakersnstuff helped me out with an invitation so im just gonna finish my dinner and head out for some beers before ill go there.

But the thing i wanted to show is the fucking brilliant invitation. For people that dont know they are releasing a new shoe tomorrow, inspired but a Kinder egg. So the invitation is all about that. I want to say that i have nothing to do with this invitation, no design or something like that. I just think it is fucking awesome, and the scrub on tatoo. Epic.

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They are yours for like 15000 dollars. Wonder what size Michael J. Fox has..?

More pfizer viagra.


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I dont usually fukx with Adidas, Califruits either for that matter. But when they do shit with Ransom (Adidas that is) it always comes out flawless. The mid-version would be nice for the winter. We’ll see if i get them!





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Cant wait to rock these with a pair of raw denims and a nice fall coat. Maybe a scarf and a little hat, nohomo.



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Looks like a pretty nice shoe, i specially like the orange laces on the black canvas.

(via Highsnobiety)
After setting up shop in viagra prices’s Covent Garden store basement earlier this year, Emerica once again teamed up with Slam, along with their friend and illustrator Arran Gregory, to produce an exclusive collaboration version of the Laced shoe.

Featuring Arran’s distinctive custom artwork on the insole and box art, and the Slam ‘rat signal’ logo on the tongue in homage to the London skate scene, the shoe is a classic make up with a black suede toe piece and canvas upper. The sneaker is available exclusively at Slam City Skates stores and in their online store. Also make sure to check out the video here below, featuring Arran Gregory and Emerica UK rider Tom Knox.


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