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Tag "project"

Hello again.
Quite some time since last time, tons of stuff has happened. I guess the biggest thing is that I’m actually back in Sweden. Gothenburg to be exact, been for a week now and I must say the Swedish summers are always the best. Been doing a lot of biking, today some skateboarding and just having a good time meeting up with friends and family. Awesome!

The coming week as i have understood it there is going to be pretty intense rain.

Screen Shot 2012 07 09 at 2 13 32 AM

And this is actually quite nice for me as I really have to get done with my reel and portfolio. So I set the final deadline for myself is going to be the 18th of July. Not later then that. That is wednesday in next week. Because to be honest I took way too much time already going back and forth with the intro, which feels is never getting done.

So this is kind of going to be some kind of fallback where I can put up stuff, little screenshots, decisions, timelines and such things. So as I have planned it’s gonna be like this.

Monday July 9th (Today) – Try to edit and complete the intro so we have that one done. Maybe have to do some re-renders but that’s all good.

Tuesday July 10th – Start with the edit in full, see what kind of projects I want in there and put them together.

Wednesday July 11th – Continue with the above, maybe start to do a quick design on the portfolio which hopefully viagra for women is going to help me code (its cargo so there really is nothing special)

Thursday July 12th – Same here, continue with the editing, and the website. This is probably going on for some time. Finish design for the website.

Friday July 13th – Continue.

Saturday July 14th – Hopefully start coming to an end with the editing, maybe some feedback stuff and change some things.

Sunday July 15th – Be done with the editing, start doing minor tweaks with cuts, maybe change some stuff out, fix some things with the sounds, effects and such.

Monday July 16th – Gather screenshots and texts for the portfolio, pick which projects I want there and such.

Tuesday July 17th – Hopefully start seeing and end to all of this, maybe adjust small things I want to fix and finish the projects on the portfolio.

Wednesday July 18th – Upload the portfolio to my domain with all the projects and my brand new reel.

Hopefully this will help me keep my discipline and not let me sit and play video games too much or just try to find reasons to not do this. I have a lot easier to actually finish stuff when there is a deadline. So, working day 1 with 9 more to go starts tomorrow at 10am!

Here is a little preview from the intro.

Screen Shot 2012 07 09 at 2 03 02 AM

viagra side effects

So, had this badass set on Green Room this saturday. Had a pretty awesome weekend in general. Only 5 days left now til we go on vacation. Gonna be so nice, just relax a little.

Anyway, female viagra pill has a new thingie coming up. And as the video dude in the collective I was asked for some help. Badman Leroy helped me out with everything and think the result came out pretty cool. 2 days of work and way to much time rendering things on my slow iMac at home but here it is. Enjoy people!

Cover 00000 copy

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Playing around in Realflow at the moment, trying out some techniques I have not tried before. Such a hassle working in it though. The process is basically.

Create object in Cinema
Wxport the object as a .obj
Import the .obj into Realflow
Play around with the fluids in low res
Do some test simulations
When happy with the simulation, increase the density
Export simulation with a mesh
Import mesh back into Cinema
Lighting and texturing
Render out from Cinema
Import into After Effects
Some post production (coloring, sound etc.)
Render out form After Effects

Pretty stoked though, the stuff you can make with this program is crazy, and this is only the really very basics I am trying out now.

Screen shot 2011 08 21 at 12 42 39 AM

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After a few weeks of production we finally got done with it. Yeti Nacht Jacht is now live and i was in charge of the intro-video. Really stoked with this one, enjoy.

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viagra alternative

Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal Picasso once said.

I have this inspiration folder on my computer. 95% is still-images which is think is quite awesome. But still-images can get boring in the long run. So i stole the idea of the image and just made it into what i think is even more awesome. The image i stole is the first one showed in the video.

Sound effects are all done by me via a microphone or distortion filters.

Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 11.37.32 AM.png

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New project here! Had a nice day in Amsterdam the other week, took a little trip to this really nice arcade museum and played a little of everything. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


womens viagra

So this afternoon we created a ghetto little soundbooth.


Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 4.45.22 PM.png

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Super crazy cloth simulator for designers and shit like that. Wouldn’t mind to try it out!

viagra samples

You know what it is. Went to some indoor slope 40 minutes from Amsterdam, crazy shit.

where to buy viagra

Shit my fuck, yes. The feeling when you hear that sound when something is rendered and you know it is the last sound you will hear from the project you have been sitting and working for around a month. That feeling is awesome!

Just finished up the last shots for this project and hopefully i can show you guys a link in the beginning of next week. Outcome became great and with some help i managed to animate, some direction for the green on set, grade, key and mask the shit out of that footage.


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