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Tag "photo"

My moms turned 50 and she decided to celebrate it by taking a lil’ trip to Mexico with her yet so awesome kids. So fortunate as I was right now I’m sitting at 11.30pm outside with the ocean 30 meters from our apartment listening to the waves rolling in and it’s probably still around 27 degrees.

Just had some nice marlin burritos after quite a hot day with things as Margaritas, standing in the water with ray-fishes around me, coronas, way too much sun and hot degrees, diving in the pool and trying to figure out how to hack the wifi.

We live in this apartment building with a outside kitchen and three rooms which me, my sis and moms and Roland is living in. Fortunate there is a AC and I’m going hard on 23 degrees.

Today while sitting on our roof terrace awesomeness occurred and a got damn solar eclipse just appeared in front of our eyes, not a full one though but still the moon covered the sun slowly while it disappeared in a crazy color behind the horizon, got some really nice images that i’ll upload here tomorrow. For now enjoy some from the 23 hour fly trip here, the first night in Puerto Vallarta and now the first day here in Sayulito that we will stay in for another 4 days. More on my viagra side effects.

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So back from vacation! Actually been back for a while now but got this project that got me working 14 hour days 10 days straight now, so Im quite busy. Although got some time the other night to start editing the photos.

Other then that there is nothing else to tell, vacation was awesome, would really want like 2 more weeks or something. And yes, Dipset is coming here in beginning of November, so fucking hyped on that one!

Well, here is some images, enjoy.

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So, for not been on this thingie lately quite a lot of things has happened. For one which I am really pumped about is this new project at work, gonna be pretty intense now when I go on vacation for two weeks but hope we will prepare it enough so the freelancer can take good care of it while I’m gone!

Also moved to a new adress! Columbusplein 24-III is now the new place and carrying up all the stuff to the third floor was kind of a bitch. Specially after 4 hours on IKEA. Holy fuck how i hate that place. I seriously become like an angry dad, trying to hit people with that little cart.

Anyway, the hard working weeks have really made me looking forward to me and Mathildas vacation in 10 days. 2 weeks on Zakynthos in Greece. Gonna be nice getting away from the shitty weather in Amsterdam and just do nothing for a little while. Have beers for lunch and get some sun!

From that vacation to an other. Took me quite a while to edit some images from our earlier vacation this year in Gothenburg. Will try to check this blog more often. Enjoy more as usuals on the viagra generic name

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So yesterday we kicked it in the east. Never really been over there, pretty far bikeride if coming from the east but i did like it pretty much. Feels more like a city compare to the west, although the west is a lot quieter. Roots festival was setup all over Oosterpark so we listened to some nice african vibe music. Anyway, 28 degrees today and im stuck inside an office with no windows against the sun! Cant wait for this work day to be over so i can kick it on our balcony!

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As you might know if you follow that how long does viagra take to work shit i took a quick visit to London last weekend. I have been in London before but that made me hate it. I was sleeping with a jacket on straight on a floor that was around 8 degrees cold. This time however, was way better.

Even if Emil got like the flu and me being pretty sick as well the trip was awesome. Nice meeting my maine man (nohomo) again. Went to see all the tourist stuff, Lonon Eye, Big Ben, Aquarium watching penguins n shit, eating cheap food and seeing the trendiest area with all goons, Brick Lane.

Cant say that much more, here is some of the images i like from the trip, enjoy. More at viagra online prescription free as usual.

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“In 1993, a convicted murderer was executed. His body was given to science, segmented, and photographed for research. Croix and Frank used that footage to create these 7 photographs. An animation of the 1871 slices was played fullscreen on a computer, which was moved around by an assistant while being photographed in a dark environment. The resulting images are long-exposure “light paintings” of the entire cadaver. Stunning work! Prints are for sale for $700 and all proceeds benefit Amnesty International.”

Personally one of the better photo-projects i have ever seen.

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So the lack of posting been because ive been sick. Yeah, again…
Me and Mathilda went to Brussels last weekend just for a nice little trip, round trip was like 40euros each so it was pretty nice. Took in to this ballin hotel with like the best breakfast in the city. Like rated best breakfast.

However Brussels was kind of a shitty city, its like the EU parliament, and thats it. The inner city was pretty small and dirty, not cosy like Amsterdam and strangely most of the stores outside of the city was closed. On a Saturday around lunch, pretty weird. Anyway, here is some shots from my new D7000, pretty nice to be able to start shooting again. More on my free viagra samples from pfizer.

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So i actually got my new camera gear yesterday, uploadin’ some images of it later. Since i did not really have a decent camera for a few months i have been shooting with my Olympus-Pen and my Nikon F100. So i scanned in a lot of negatives yesterday. Here is some, by the way the analog feel is just so fucking nice. These are all when me and Mathilda went to Stockholm for my grandma’s birthday party!

More in my how long does it take viagra to work.

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Great recap of the 10 best photos of the year from Time magazine.

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Bought a new charger for my camera yesterday, been missing taking some photographs now and then, just bring it out on the weekend or something. Anyway this guy is a huge inspiration for me. Seriously, everything is quite beautiful. Look in the “Blackout” series, might be my favorite. Just inverted images of huge mountains.

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