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Tag "nike sb"

Woke up early this Sunday morning. As I might been telling earlier, the summer here does not exist. At least not this year. This morning i actually woke up by the rain smashing on the window. Latest week has been crazy, thunder and crazy rain. Though we were going to get some summer now in August because July was really really like 8 days of sun, the rest rain or cold as fuck. Anyway…

Update on the million, the money is gone and i got 8kr in interest for having them on my savings account, haha. So that story is over, time to get on with the real life.

So Saturday there was a big sneaker convention in town. Sneakerness. Think they are touring around in Europe right now with a lot of sellers and exhibitors. Walked around for like 3 hours checking out everything. Was nice seeing some stuff I only seen on images. Nike SB’s like Paris, Tiffany, The Three Bears, Floom and so on. Super nice, walked around for almost three hours checkin’ it all out.

Was hard finding some decent stuff in my size but at least I walked away with 6 old Sneakerfreaker issues that I didn’t had, one pair of Nike SB Dunk Lo Wieger’s and a Undefeated cap. Been looking for them Dunks for a long time since i skated them to parts almost 4 years ago. Well, here is some images. As usual more on my viagra for women.

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Theotis Beasleyes new dunk looks pretty sick with the safari pattern. Pretty down with the Bruins and the red Janoski. Looking solid as always, except the P.rod 4, the big blue one. Horrible, just horrible.




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Pretty stoked about these ones releasing in December.




generic viagra online

Pretty stoked about the Koston model that is coming out from Nike SB Next year, heard its super light and the boardfeel should be pretty awesome.



teva generic viagra

So i just saw that these are going to drop soon. Been playing Street Fighter as a kid and i always picked the character Ryu. Anyway, looks like Nike SB is releasing some dunks in that specific street fighter theme. The Dunk Mid is for me a must have, might cop the other ones as well.



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Cant wait to rock these with a pair of raw denims and a nice fall coat. Maybe a scarf and a little hat, nohomo.



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