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Tag "motion"

So, actually starting to work some on my new reel that is hopefully coming out before the summer. Have some ideas for a intro so I tried with some really really lowrez tests today. All 250fps with timeremapping and such. Though I was gonna do it with DPIT Effex but I don’t really get the mesh that I want with that plugin, so pretty much decided for Realflow instead. Although have no idea how I am gonna solve to get the foam over to C4D… Well, just some test images…

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 53 09 AM

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 53 57 AM

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 54 14 AM

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 54 46 AM

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So i got this opportunity from viagra pill over at viagra vs cialis to do this promotional video for the upcoming shoe they we’re going to do with Asics. This is all Amsterdam mode so I got some nice shots of the shoes, and went out for a night in the city to get the classic canals, bikeracks, all that stuff. Stabilized almost all the footage with the Warper in CS5.5 and graded it til’ the way i liked it. Live today, i proudly present this video! Biggup!

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Had my first gig this Saturday at Studio K! Even though the heavy rain it was awesome. Lots of people showed up and all the stressful nights I have been building up my set showed off! People came up and shit. So I was happy! This post is although about some other visuals, this stuff is just so cool. I will however upload some screens of all the stuff I did later today or maybe tomorrow. Blog aint sleepin’!

Stolen from Vimeo.

“/Interactive audio-visual performance/
/Sound generation from chemical process/
/Tracking of chemical process/

Solvation – a molecular-dynamic process. Enveloping the
active substance molecules of fat.
CH3 (CH2) 14COOH – a key component of milk fat, palmitic acid
C12H25SO4Na – detergent (sodium dodetsilsulfonat)

This presentation is completely live. An artist adds various reagents in small portions to a chemical process to the fluid phase floating on the surface of a liquid. Thus, the color, shape, and texture of the fluid components are dynamically changed and create artistic
abstraction. The process, transmitted through the web-camera, generates sound by given algorithm. The interaction of chemical components and milk creates a process of fractal nature. Solvation – enveloping the activesubstance of fat molecules in milk. Each process takes several minutes. A computer program captures the dynamics of the situation and creates LIQUID~DO

“LIQUID~DO” may be associated with LIBIDO in the context of energy deliberation from a liquid substance, the chemical process. The energy is interpreted by the sound. The potential of the liquid is represented by the
sound. If in a human it is “sexual potential”, then in a liquid it is different. We are interested in the nature of self-organization, both visual and audible, and the way these two areas interact with each other in a liquid system.

/ julia borovaya – art / behance.net/​LIQuiDplaceII
/ sergey kasich – sound / SoundArtist.ru
/ vadim smakhtin – programming /vadimsmakhtin.com
/ mikhail simunin (science deputy chairman of
joung scientists community of MIET)- chemical

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Been busy the latest days finishing up some work and cleaning up from the mayhem that happened on NYE. 2011 is gonna be a good one, can feel it. And as we start up the year i just finished a new project for a club called Green Room. Going to VJ there in the mid February so pretty stoked about that, but for now. Enjoy this teaser, probably going to remove some stuff and add some stuff later but for now, this will do.

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So i went to the Adobe Media Lab last week and saw the Swedes from North Kingdom speak. It was pretty nice hearing some swedish again and their presentation about the projects with the Swedish Armed Forces was really nice. Anyway this is quite an old project from them but all about the making of “The Piggy Bank Adventure” game. More on their how much does viagra cost





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This piece is so crazy, its like a carton with real live footage in it. INNIT!!!

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So this whole day i have been sitting with my VJ portfolio so i can get some gigs down south. Check it out how long does it take for viagra to work and feel free to share it around!

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This is just so epic.

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