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Its midsummer today, The dutch people wouldn’t let me have the day off! Time for dinner and partying now, feels good with 2 days off! Here is some vimeo stuff, that i “liked”

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Been a lot at work lately, got this pretty fun project coming up. Gonna do some shooting next week i think and animate all kind of shit, fast pace, just how i like it. Also got an apartment now, even its only 3 months its so nice to feel that we at least have something. Friday again, so i guess its time for some beer. Have a nice weekend!















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Happy Friday to you all! Myself is on Anti-Biotics and cannot drink anything. So I think I have a good weekend buried under some blankets watching movies and playing CoD, kind of looking forward to it. Some more internetz awkwardness to watch before leaving work.

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Seems like the apartment we was already ready to sign on is on hold. Today feels like a day full of hate so I mostly sit down with my really fucked up now swollen tongue and listening to M.O.P. for some reason. Thought I share some of my Vimeo Likes again. Enjoy.


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Though i start with a little series. Everyday when i go through my Google Reader i find so much stuff which i find interesting, awesome, spectacular, epic and weird. And just because i don’t want to fukx with a tumblr, i might as well just post some random shit here everyday instead. I cant really give any credit because most of the stuff i find is uncredited. But ill try my best to give shoutouts to the people that deserve it. It can be everything from GIFs, photos, paintings, apps, developer shit and videos. Basically just stuff which i really think is cool.














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