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Tag "inspiration"

Really love this photography from viagra for women.

Www coreyfishes 6

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Www coreyfishes

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Just some stuff I enjoy that I found on the internetz lately.

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2 The Modulor by Le Corbusier



Baltermants ru dmitry baltermants bolshoi theatre 30 anniversary soviet army 1972

Braun dieter rams 07

Braun dieter rams 11

Explosion chou fleur 03


Tumblr lvnkwrTURD1qz9o7po1 500

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Wutang currency

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6 565x376

Achim lippoth wrong right wrong 03


Braun 500x500

Girl fell off bike

Jurneamerica01 thumb 900x600 945

Pacific Standard Time  Backyard Oasis The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography 1945  1982 905

Nike air presto black black 1

Screen shot 2011 02 17 at 8 14 48 AM

Tumblr ltf1zuazA51qdrgo9o1 500


Wwf circle of life

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Bought a new charger for my camera yesterday, been missing taking some photographs now and then, just bring it out on the weekend or something. Anyway this guy is a huge inspiration for me. Seriously, everything is quite beautiful. Look in the “Blackout” series, might be my favorite. Just inverted images of huge mountains.

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I seriously see so much shit going through my RSS feed, but i guess that is what is for. Anyway i stumbled up on this girl the other day. Pretty cool stuff, actually would be dope to have one of these stuff up on the wall at home.

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This thing is pretty cool, making the star trek thing but for real.

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Check out his portfolio online viagra.





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The series of Sand from viagra samples is pretty damn awesome.






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This dudes series are so good! Check him out viagra generic name.




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