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Tag "hip hop"

“Nigga went from gang signs to sign language…”

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Found this dude the other day. This song is dope, love how raw the beat feels. Kind of reminds me of an early Saul Williams sound mixed with Aesop Rocks lyrics.

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Love the warhowl in the beat at like 20 seconds.

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(via @XXIV)

is viagra government funded

What ghetto ass shit is this?

in an attempt to keep this short and sweet, Im gonna skip over the actual content of the song (wtf is a pussy trap?!?) and stuck to the visuals.

1) Homegurl in the gold flip-flops is clearly winded by about 2minutes in

2) I am positive that someone’s grandmama had no idea that her basement was gonna be used to this hoodrat production (that camerawork is pissing me off)

3) I need to know what states everyone involved in this debauchery hails from, so that I can immediately add it to my “No Thank You” list

how much does viagra cost

online viagra

So i start the day off with some funkalectic! I know its an old mix but its still pretty good. I must say that the time he played at Nef this summer was easily top 5 shows ive been to ever. Time to work some, laters!


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Track List:
J1 – LiftOff [intro]
Devonwho – Slapshot
Reggie B – Khemitian Temple [Instrumental Version]
Teeko X. – BustAMOVE!GO!OFF
Chesca & Elliot York – Twilight Fades
B. Bravo – Two 2 Tango
AD Bourke – Cosmic Connection feat. Amalia
Distant Starr – Here We Go
Odidisee – Curl
Pudge – Jungle Funk [Jus Dance]
Subtitle x DâM-FunK – Experts
AD Bourke – One For Me
Grooveman Spot – Affection feat. Ahu
Teeko / Dibia$e / Devonwho – Young Funklords
Electric Wire Hustle – Unknown Instrumental aka Track 8
Computer Jay – Slipping!!
Jeremy Glenn feat: Tanika Charles – Turn Our Backs
Fatima – Warm Eyes
Dam-Funk – The Funk Is 4 U/Outro [Unreleased]

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