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Tag "hip hop"

Dude spend some serious money on this video!

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Reminiscin’, love the one with Beastie Boys.

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“Today’s bubblegum rap may rule the charts, but at VICE we prefer our beats harder and more innovative. Follow along as we head south to the Third Coast to groove on one of the most original rap scenes ever realized. Houston is a city defined by its geography—low and slow, hot and hard, bayous and parking lots spreading for endless flat suburban miles. But a lack of citywide zoning creates pockets of distinct communities within Houston’s sprawl, and in these unofficially cordoned-off neighborhoods, Dirty Southern rap was born.”

Almost as good as the documentary about viagra for sale. Although the narrator/interviewer is pretty wack. Hate when Vice is trying to be all “culture” and it almost ends up mocking it. Anyway, have a look!

viagra over the counter

Never knew Barbie dolls could be this awesome.

herbal viagra


viagra cost

This dude…

what is viagra

Just got paid. It is Friday and the weather is decent. Time to make it rain, HURR! (btw i always wanted a stock with dollars, would feel legit.)


generic viagra cost

generic viagra online

One of the first albums i really bought. I remember it saving up like 6 weeks, not buying any candy or shit like that and then i bought the Ill Communication record. Hello Nasty was killing it as well though but that was a few years later. However, apparently they are releasing something new soon. And they do it with fucking style. Pretty much the most awesome movie dudes out there in a 30 minutes film are releasing together with it. What can i say, just enjoy.


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I remember being like 11 years old and just dying to get the new Wu-Wear from the store “Young Street” in Gothenburg. One of my friends was on that FuBu shit but i really wanted the Wu-Jeans. Specially the silver ones, soo fresh. I never got a pair, although i got a pair of FuBus, was kind of down with that as well. Didnt know shit back then just wanted to rock the baggiest shit i could find. I remember i saved up for like 2 months though just to buy a Wu-Jersey, it was all gold and had the big wu sign in the front! Siked! although the print itched so much on me that i had to have a tee underneath and sweat to death during the summer. Here is Raekwon when he still was skinny giving a tour form the OG store back in Staten. Nahmean…

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