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Tag "fixie"

All my boys from Gothenburg was here last weekend. They drove down which is actually only like a 12 hours drive just so they could bring their bikes. Took a really nice ride to the beach with some beer tasting at the Haarlem local brewery viagra side effects. After that continued to the beach but the weather got gnarly so we actually took the train home. Here is a lil’ recap from one of the better weekends since i moved here!

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Got my new bike last week, finally! Been riding my old Fuji Classic almost the whole winter so it starts to get a bit rusty. So now when the spring time came, it actually was 16 degrees and sun the whole saturday. Enjoyed my first alleycat and placed 32nd place out of 54 people, stoked! Looking forward for some longer trips in the sun around Amsterdam.

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Shot on the 16th of September earlier this year, like a week before i left Gothenburg. I want spring so i can start go on a bit longer trips and explore the A-dam area!

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Had a great day around Paris today. Started with some Notre Dam and then just walked around the city and ended up at the The Arc de Triomphe.

Had three stores i really wanted to go to, first up Opium that had the craziest museum of Jordans and runners, even a pair of OG Air Max 1′s, took bunch of photos. Anyway was suppose to go to Colette but we went lost and ended up at some place called Scarecrow.

They had some Supreme stuff, Hundreds, Nike SB, Penfield ye just a lot of pretty decent stuff. Though i would find some Dunk lows there but even better. I found a pair that i have been looking for a really long time. Was trying to cop them in the Oakland vans store when they were released but it was all sold out, but here they had both the Authentics and the Half Cab mountains. The inner sole is so nice and the red leather mixed with suede makes it looks so fucking premium. And that you got a pair of handlebars with the box made it even better. So stoked for these the coming summer! Now its time for some food and then clubbing, utz utz!

Photo on 2010-11-27 at 20.53.jpg

Photo on 2010-11-27 at 20.55.jpg


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I barely use a helmet when I am out roaming the streets of Amsterdam. Will buy one new next paycheck though and i should really use one here, people are crazy. Anyway this Swedish company developed this product which is like a collar and will pop out a airbag when you get hit by a car. I dont know really, it looks pretty gnarly and there will be different colors so you can match your outfit. Pretty fun concept but i would never buy it, specially when the pricetag is 350 dollars…




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Couple of days ago we were out filming with Jens camera and got some really dope footage with some of it in 50FPS. Rendering out a little test right now, but we also got this. Johan is just falling, best gif ever. Let it load!!!


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