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Tag "design"

That is some serious cut’n'fold skills.

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Mark Adams, Managing Director of Vitsoe, discusses Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of good design during a visit to Vitsoe headquarters in London. Mr. Adams gives unique insight into the history of the brand and its meaning to Dieter Rams. He also demonstrates how Rams’ principles relate directly to the style and success of the Vitsoe name.

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This pixel series by viagra pill is pretty cool, like that one that looks like the death star.





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I seriously see so much shit going through my RSS feed, but i guess that is what is for. Anyway i stumbled up on this girl the other day. Pretty cool stuff, actually would be dope to have one of these stuff up on the wall at home.

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otc viagra

This guy coming straight outta Holland has the most crazy sculptures. Now have bunch of shows in NY.





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what is viagra

Just found this dudes stuff. Motomichi Nakamura is i guess this Japanese guy that makes just awesome stuff. Found him through Bengas – Baltimore Clap, and checked some of the other stuff out. Anyway, think it looks pretty dope!

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