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Tag "amsterdam"

So yesterday we kicked it in the east. Never really been over there, pretty far bikeride if coming from the east but i did like it pretty much. Feels more like a city compare to the west, although the west is a lot quieter. Roots festival was setup all over Oosterpark so we listened to some nice african vibe music. Anyway, 28 degrees today and im stuck inside an office with no windows against the sun! Cant wait for this work day to be over so i can kick it on our balcony!

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New project here! Had a nice day in Amsterdam the other week, took a little trip to this really nice arcade museum and played a little of everything. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


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In Paris right now, managed to steal some internet and finally upload this. When Caspa is tuning up with wheres my money and the whole floor goes moshpit shit got a bit crazy. So enjoy! Im out for the Louvre, Eifeltower and all of that.

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So i got time to clean up the place today and take some photos of me and @reimerz new crib. Some of the stuff looks quite crazy, but i know Mathilda will fix it so it will get our own personal touch. Anyway stoked about the place and just living in the city in general.

DSC_0006 copy.jpg

DSC_0009 copy.jpg

DSC_0010 copy.jpg

DSC_0011 copy.jpg

DSC_0012 copy.jpg

DSC_0014 copy.jpg

DSC_0015 copy.jpg

DSC_0016 copy.jpg

DSC_0017 copy.jpg

DSC_0018 copy.jpg

DSC_0019 copy.jpg

DSC_0020 copy.jpg

DSC_0021 copy.jpg

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So i finally got an apartment. Right now living on Boetzelstraat or something like that but all of mine and Mathildas stuff is up here. Cooked some nice food, watched a good movie, bought some shampoo. Theres bunch of shit that just feels better here then back in GBG. Store is only 5 minutes away, 10 minutes to work with the bike and 1 minute walking to the gym. Its not the most central, like Jordan or something, but its near Westerpark so its super calm and nice. Images of the crib tomorrow, now sleep!

Photo on 2010-10-12 at 19.50.jpg

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So im packing down all my stuff now, goodbye Sweden. Hello Amsterdam!

Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 10.47.57 AM.png

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Stumbled upon this earlier today, only had the time to watch one of them but the son and the father talking about why the sons abstract beer project is art was kind of fun. The other ones seems pretty dope as well. The movies is just abut the sons and/or daughters talking about their abstract art with their parents.

There is some more beautiful videos at their online viagra.

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