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Tag "advertising"

The copyrighting in these commercials is

beyond awesome. And as the narrator; Ron Swanson!

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So it was released a week ago. Fucking awesome however. Both the musicvideo and the long 40 minute movie. Total lineup of actors in the movie beneath the videos.

will ferrel,elijah wood, danny mcbride, seth rogan, susan sarandon, stanley tucci, rashida jones, will arnett, adam scott, mike mills, rainn wilson, arabella field, ted danson, roman coppola, shannyn sossamon, steve buscemi, amy poehler, mary steenburgen, alicia silverstone, laura bern, arthur africano, alfredo ortiz, milo ventimiglia, jody hill, silvia suvadova, jason schartzman, losel yauch, chloe sevigny, kirsten dunst, maya rudolph, clint caluory, david cross, orlando bloom

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They just launched some new videos for their whole collection. I actually got a pair of Urbanears last year right before i moved and i had pretty high expectations for them. In my opinion they really are a sexy looking pair of headphones. If only they put some more money into developing actually good sound on them as well, and some comfort. Although i have only tried out the headphones “Plattan” but it seriously can be one of the worst sitting headphones i have ever had on me. Can have them for only like 20 minutes and then it hurts like fuck. The in-ears looks pretty decent though. Well, being all that hater on this beautiful brand i gotta give a bigup to their graphical profile and design of their products.


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Pretty nice commercials for Skittles. THe facebook campaign they made earlier this year when you could type a message to some skittles dude that read up the message was pretty funny as well! Go skittles!


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The awesomeness of this is just to high.

viagra cost

There is so many shitty flashmobs, but this one was pretty epic.

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