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Tag "3d"

So a few hours ago i decided to back up some stuff on my 2TB RAID monster. Was a while ago so haven’t really been thinking what’s on there. But success! I found like all the stuff I’ve ever done in like 3D or 2D or just photoshop stuff before I even started with motiongraphics! So here is some samples from when i started with 3D, took a month there playing with cinema 4D like 10-15 hours a day trying to learn it. This was before there was any dynamics or something, remembered when i did my Reel 2008 intro i used a Solver and a bunch of gravity and such, crazy! Oh yeah, the first image is actually the first render I ever did with cinema 4D!


Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 44 36 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 42 50 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 38 37 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 38 10 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 30 02 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 28 46 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 27 31 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 23 27 PM

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So cialis vs viagra had this contest a few days back with the intention to take or create an image that had something to do with Patta. Me being a regular customer i though i would give it a try.

Think i bent the rules a little bit though when i saw the other contestants taking photographs of Patta products. Anyway they did this lighter a few weeks ago that i though was dope, so i modeled it and lit up the scene a lil’ nicely.

I actually won and got me a pair of the Patta x Kangaroo boots they released this saturday (actually already bought a pair then, so now i have one to put on ice!). Super stoked! Here is my submission, click how long does viagra last for bigger image.





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Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal Picasso once said.

I have this inspiration folder on my computer. 95% is still-images which is think is quite awesome. But still-images can get boring in the long run. So i stole the idea of the image and just made it into what i think is even more awesome. The image i stole is the first one showed in the video.

Sound effects are all done by me via a microphone or distortion filters.

Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 11.37.32 AM.png

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Super crazy cloth simulator for designers and shit like that. Wouldn’t mind to try it out!

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Pretty crazy what they can do nowadays, i remember it like yesterday when i played battleships on my very own Windows 3.1 without any mouse!

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Tried out a pretty epic plugin to C4D yesterday, was trying to get an explosion but its just too many damn parameters. Anyway simulation time was about 40 minutes and render maybe 60 minutes. Cache file went up in like 15 GB’s, so pretty heavy particles. But it damn looks pretty cool…

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So ive been working quite alot this evening. Actually quite fun projects so im pretty stoked. Here is a screenshot from one of them. Also i experienced that making sugar-cubes is pretty hard. Especially to get the texture right and everything. Time to sleep now, goodnight.

Screen shot 2010-08-29 at 3.53.57 AM.png

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