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Kind of finally done with the job now. Finished up the last shit bout’ 1 hour ago. Feels like it is time for some major alcohol intake. Anyway, got a nice freelance project going on, cant say more at the time but i received one of the assets today and i am fucking stoked. Anyway, Party on, excellent!

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Been busy the latest days finishing up some work and cleaning up from the mayhem that happened on NYE. 2011 is gonna be a good one, can feel it. And as we start up the year i just finished a new project for a club called Green Room. Going to VJ there in the mid February so pretty stoked about that, but for now. Enjoy this teaser, probably going to remove some stuff and add some stuff later but for now, this will do.

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Happy new year, i had a great one!


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pretty decent cameras they use here.

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Wouldn’t mind having a door like this at home, pretty smoooooth.

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The awesome factor of this man is just way over way over any mans regular day basis.


…So as I was sayin’, the amount of money I’m gonna be making would hurt your parents feelings. Remember the class where I taught y’all how to make it rain? That’s what I’mma be doin. Every. Single. Night… Dollar. Dollar. Bills y’all.

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Listen to that idiot talk. Pretty nice how he talks to the klan though.

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ShitxFaced x Soptunna. (via canadian viagra)


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