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So i actually got my new camera gear yesterday, uploadin’ some images of it later. Since i did not really have a decent camera for a few months i have been shooting with my Olympus-Pen and my Nikon F100. So i scanned in a lot of negatives yesterday. Here is some, by the way the analog feel is just so fucking nice. These are all when me and Mathilda went to Stockholm for my grandma’s birthday party!

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So last weekend me and Mathilda took a trip to Paris. Just a sneakpeak here, more on my viagra price.

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Im pretty bad at updating with other stuff than weird youtube videos and shit that inspires me right now. One thing is that i cant use my camera. I dont have any charger for it so i cant really use it. Instead i have been shooting tons of Analog. With one of my favorites! Got like 5 films that i need to develop so bare with me people, stuff will happen. And im getting the D7000 as fast as it is released in the US on the B&H site. Time for some work!



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I was almost too tired yesterday but the show was really nice and they even got some ghettotech going for a while which got me pumped. Well, just got done with the images from Flying Lotus. And as usual, more on buy viagra at my flickr.

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So yesterday was easily on of the better nights ive had. Tonight out for Sonic Warfare, shit is gonna be intense! Here is some images, as usual more on my how long does it take for viagra to work.

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So this friday was Sheltas official office party. Ate som damn good food and drank some heavily armed drinks. Not really more to say, had a good time with all the people that im gonna miss when i quit there but life is moving on! Getting all emotional n shit nohomo. Here is some images from the night. As usual more on my buy generic viagra online.

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So i went out with the dudes today on a 35 kilometer trip. Dont know really how long we were out but it was a nice ride out to some hoods i’ve never been before. Shot some photos of it as well, like the ones in the garage alot! We also biked pass like a junkyard, and found a fucking tank! Pretty epic, rusty n shit. More images on my buy generic viagra online. Now some work and then sleep.

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So Joel is gonna study in Sunne for three years. like 2000 inhabitants and a small school. At least something like that. Good party yesterday, thanks for the food and the gin’n'juice!

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Its weird, my front tire got flat like three times in two days. Need to buy some tape and fix so the spoke-holes get me some small hole in the tube. Anyway the other day i took a 32 km ride around Delsjön and home, pretty rainy day though and it was a bit cold. But the bibs was on and the mood was good, so here is some images.

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