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Found some old rolls and developed them. Enjoy.

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Looks like we finally found a place to live. At least for around 9 weeks. Better then nothing, takes a lot of stress from me. Time to get home and meet up a dude that is selling me the Aqua’s Jordan 8′s. Been trying to get them a long time. More form Gothenburg, here and on my viagra cost.

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Went back to Gothenburg this weekend, had a great one, although it was fucking intense. Drank some weird Dr.Pepper booze amongst a lot of things. First series of photos here. More on my flickr as usual, google it or something.

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As you might know if you follow that viagra substitute shit i took a quick visit to London last weekend. I have been in London before but that made me hate it. I was sleeping with a jacket on straight on a floor that was around 8 degrees cold. This time however, was way better.

Even if Emil got like the flu and me being pretty sick as well the trip was awesome. Nice meeting my maine man (nohomo) again. Went to see all the tourist stuff, Lonon Eye, Big Ben, Aquarium watching penguins n shit, eating cheap food and seeing the trendiest area with all goons, Brick Lane.

Cant say that much more, here is some of the images i like from the trip, enjoy. More at active ingredient in viagra as usual.

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Just came home from a solid 16 hour day at the office. After 6 though we went out getting some shots for a new commercial im pretty fucking stoked about. Anyway, I am tired and got scratches on my legs from crazy bushes in the forest. More tomorrow, later.

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So two weeks ago i took a little bikeride to the beach. My bike was broken so i had to borrow Mathildas, which basically is a crack-bike. Seriously, the dude that sold me the bike asked if i wanted to buy some cocaine with the bike for 40 euros more. Anyway, it was nice to see some nature, feels like ages ago i saw some “real” trees. Anyway, nice bikeride, 4 hours back n forth i think. As usual more on my viagra online prescription free

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“In 1993, a convicted murderer was executed. His body was given to science, segmented, and photographed for research. Croix and Frank used that footage to create these 7 photographs. An animation of the 1871 slices was played fullscreen on a computer, which was moved around by an assistant while being photographed in a dark environment. The resulting images are long-exposure “light paintings” of the entire cadaver. Stunning work! Prints are for sale for $700 and all proceeds benefit Amnesty International.”

Personally one of the better photo-projects i have ever seen.

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Fucking awesome weekend, ended up sunday evening at a pretty ghetto tivoli, was nice though.

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So I have been off work for the latest 6 days and i pretty much enjoyed it all, except it was almost too long not doing anything. I cleaned up my mac, hade some nice bikerides and went out n shit. Anyway, took one night to shoot some. Really like how the colors come up nighttime. Fun. More at flickr as usual.

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So the lack of posting been because ive been sick. Yeah, again…
Me and Mathilda went to Brussels last weekend just for a nice little trip, round trip was like 40euros each so it was pretty nice. Took in to this ballin hotel with like the best breakfast in the city. Like rated best breakfast.

However Brussels was kind of a shitty city, its like the EU parliament, and thats it. The inner city was pretty small and dirty, not cosy like Amsterdam and strangely most of the stores outside of the city was closed. On a Saturday around lunch, pretty weird. Anyway, here is some shots from my new D7000, pretty nice to be able to start shooting again. More on my alternative to viagra.

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