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Flying back to Sweden today!Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 12.28.48 PM.png

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So it was released a week ago. Fucking awesome however. Both the musicvideo and the long 40 minute movie. Total lineup of actors in the movie beneath the videos.

will ferrel,elijah wood, danny mcbride, seth rogan, susan sarandon, stanley tucci, rashida jones, will arnett, adam scott, mike mills, rainn wilson, arabella field, ted danson, roman coppola, shannyn sossamon, steve buscemi, amy poehler, mary steenburgen, alicia silverstone, laura bern, arthur africano, alfredo ortiz, milo ventimiglia, jody hill, silvia suvadova, jason schartzman, losel yauch, chloe sevigny, kirsten dunst, maya rudolph, clint caluory, david cross, orlando bloom

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Waking up with super sunshine and 23 degrees makes it feel pretty good.

DSC 0943 copy

DSC 0942 copy

DSC 0944 copy

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Finishing up some work at the moment, listening to some of this.


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One of the first albums i really bought. I remember it saving up like 6 weeks, not buying any candy or shit like that and then i bought the Ill Communication record. Hello Nasty was killing it as well though but that was a few years later. However, apparently they are releasing something new soon. And they do it with fucking style. Pretty much the most awesome movie dudes out there in a 30 minutes film are releasing together with it. What can i say, just enjoy.


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“Nigga went from gang signs to sign language…”

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1984, swag. That chick drummer looks pretty freaked out though.

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