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Getting some “On to the next one” by Jay Z vibe on this video, anyway a nice one. Stoked seeing them here in Amsterdam in June.

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Dude spend some serious money on this video!

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Reminiscin’, love the one with Beastie Boys.

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Been listening a lot to this dude lately. Sound vibe of a white Ghostface Killah straight from Queens, NY. Real good vibe, buy or download his albums, here is some from the new one.

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“Today’s bubblegum rap may rule the charts, but at VICE we prefer our beats harder and more innovative. Follow along as we head south to the Third Coast to groove on one of the most original rap scenes ever realized. Houston is a city defined by its geography—low and slow, hot and hard, bayous and parking lots spreading for endless flat suburban miles. But a lack of citywide zoning creates pockets of distinct communities within Houston’s sprawl, and in these unofficially cordoned-off neighborhoods, Dirty Southern rap was born.”

Almost as good as the documentary about viagra cost. Although the narrator/interviewer is pretty wack. Hate when Vice is trying to be all “culture” and it almost ends up mocking it. Anyway, have a look!

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Looking forward to this weekend!

Tonight I’ll do some cool stuff for is viagra government funded that are launching a new really interesting project. Also got a gig tomorrow at Studio K with the women viagra. The latest two weeks have been quite intense so it is really gonna be nice to get shitfaced and do awesome stuff. Also a 2 week vacation is coming up in only 8 days! BLUUUKKU!

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Never knew Barbie dolls could be this awesome.

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This dude…

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Just got paid. It is Friday and the weather is decent. Time to make it rain, HURR! (btw i always wanted a stock with dollars, would feel legit.)


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