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Hello again.
Quite some time since last time, tons of stuff has happened. I guess the biggest thing is that I’m actually back in Sweden. Gothenburg to be exact, been for a week now and I must say the Swedish summers are always the best. Been doing a lot of biking, today some skateboarding and just having a good time meeting up with friends and family. Awesome!

The coming week as i have understood it there is going to be pretty intense rain.

Screen Shot 2012 07 09 at 2 13 32 AM

And this is actually quite nice for me as I really have to get done with my reel and portfolio. So I set the final deadline for myself is going to be the 18th of July. Not later then that. That is wednesday in next week. Because to be honest I took way too much time already going back and forth with the intro, which feels is never getting done.

So this is kind of going to be some kind of fallback where I can put up stuff, little screenshots, decisions, timelines and such things. So as I have planned it’s gonna be like this.

Monday July 9th (Today) – Try to edit and complete the intro so we have that one done. Maybe have to do some re-renders but that’s all good.

Tuesday July 10th – Start with the edit in full, see what kind of projects I want in there and put them together.

Wednesday July 11th – Continue with the above, maybe start to do a quick design on the portfolio which hopefully viagra for women is going to help me code (its cargo so there really is nothing special)

Thursday July 12th – Same here, continue with the editing, and the website. This is probably going on for some time. Finish design for the website.

Friday July 13th – Continue.

Saturday July 14th – Hopefully start coming to an end with the editing, maybe some feedback stuff and change some things.

Sunday July 15th – Be done with the editing, start doing minor tweaks with cuts, maybe change some stuff out, fix some things with the sounds, effects and such.

Monday July 16th – Gather screenshots and texts for the portfolio, pick which projects I want there and such.

Tuesday July 17th – Hopefully start seeing and end to all of this, maybe adjust small things I want to fix and finish the projects on the portfolio.

Wednesday July 18th – Upload the portfolio to my domain with all the projects and my brand new reel.

Hopefully this will help me keep my discipline and not let me sit and play video games too much or just try to find reasons to not do this. I have a lot easier to actually finish stuff when there is a deadline. So, working day 1 with 9 more to go starts tomorrow at 10am!

Here is a little preview from the intro.

Screen Shot 2012 07 09 at 2 03 02 AM

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So finally after almost a month off from work now, a lot of hours playing video games and not as much as i should work on my reel I managed to fix the last photos! Although as I write rendering out the first camera-animation from the reel intro which I actually have been working on quite a bit.

Anyway, here is the last batch from the Mexico trip, some overview stuff from the apartment we lived in Sayulito, a few of em from the last stop before we left which was in Puerto Vallarta. This city was actually quite boring, really a tourist kind of city with huge hotels and assholes standing outside every restaurant trying to throw you in on a few margaritas.

But all in all the Mexico trip was awesome, good food and great weather! Now back to some working and trying to get a new job. BOOM.

Final set of the trip is right how long does viagra last.

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So today we took a trip to the women viagra. In the ad we were supposed to see whales, dolphins, sting rays and all that stuff. But i guess we were off season and unfortunately there was some lazy and bitchy in-their-60′s-something americans that just wanted to get out of there.

It was a nice 40 minutes boat ride there and when we arrived we took our snorkel gear out and went under some rocks to a hidden beach which was pretty awesome. After that snorkeled some more, saw some regular rays, a blow fish and some Nemo’s. But the Americans bitched a lot and that was the only snorkeling there we did, was at some other beach and saw some cool birds but all in all the trip was pretty lame, had way higher hopes.

After that we had some chill time, pretty much stayed in the room and edited some images, took a little nap, had some more mojitos/margaritas and enjoyed the sun. For dinner today the house lady came and cooked us her home dishes, super nice. Could had needed a lil’ bit more spices but the Enchiladas was pretty awesome.

This is our last night here in Sayulita so we took a night swim, bought a bottle of tequila and really sucked up the last to enjoy in this beautiful little fishing village. Tomorrow we are taking the car to how to get viagra which we are staying til’ sunday. I miss Mathilda though but I’ll be home soon. Thanks for all the likes and nice words on the photographys, really! Time to go to the Air conditioned room which keeps a solid 23 degrees and slowly while watching Game of Thrones fall asleep. More in my generic viagra cost

Oh yeah, took this 40 min exposure of the night sky, pretty awesome ye?

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So two nights ago we managed to see a pretty big solar eclipse, seen some at home but never as beautiful as this. Sun was setting down and as we have the beach right in front of us a lot of people was setting up BBQ’s, bonfires and just chilling out waiting for the epicness to happened. It took a while but slowly the sun was getting blocked but he moon and unfortunately there was some clouds right at the horizon so we missed a little part of it but managed to get some shots right before it was hitting the horizon. Really cool experience!

Anyhow, yesterday it was a lil’ bit windy so we decided to take the car and drive into the country a little bit. Our target was Tepic and it took quite some time to get there. We stopped at some other super small town on the way there and everywhere people looked at us strangely. Got ourself some lunch for around 2.50 euros each and it was amazing. Anyhow Tepic was huge but real dirty and the hour was getting late so we drove back home again. Had some to eat and then took a little night swim.

Mexico is awesome and today I’m going to try surfing here at the beach. More in my Mexico cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy set.

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My moms turned 50 and she decided to celebrate it by taking a lil’ trip to Mexico with her yet so awesome kids. So fortunate as I was right now I’m sitting at 11.30pm outside with the ocean 30 meters from our apartment listening to the waves rolling in and it’s probably still around 27 degrees.

Just had some nice marlin burritos after quite a hot day with things as Margaritas, standing in the water with ray-fishes around me, coronas, way too much sun and hot degrees, diving in the pool and trying to figure out how to hack the wifi.

We live in this apartment building with a outside kitchen and three rooms which me, my sis and moms and Roland is living in. Fortunate there is a AC and I’m going hard on 23 degrees.

Today while sitting on our roof terrace awesomeness occurred and a got damn solar eclipse just appeared in front of our eyes, not a full one though but still the moon covered the sun slowly while it disappeared in a crazy color behind the horizon, got some really nice images that i’ll upload here tomorrow. For now enjoy some from the 23 hour fly trip here, the first night in Puerto Vallarta and now the first day here in Sayulito that we will stay in for another 4 days. More on my viagra canada.

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So my mom is having this party soon and she decided to do a animated invitation instead of a boring sent out letter. Had basically 2 nights to smash this out but I think it came out pretty good. Also wanted the slides not to stay as long as they do right now but people who are invited are all between 30-65 so had to think about the old people not seeing so fast, haha!

Anyhow, enjoy. And yes there will be a bouncer so you won’t be able to just show up…


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So a few hours ago i decided to back up some stuff on my 2TB RAID monster. Was a while ago so haven’t really been thinking what’s on there. But success! I found like all the stuff I’ve ever done in like 3D or 2D or just photoshop stuff before I even started with motiongraphics! So here is some samples from when i started with 3D, took a month there playing with cinema 4D like 10-15 hours a day trying to learn it. This was before there was any dynamics or something, remembered when i did my Reel 2008 intro i used a Solver and a bunch of gravity and such, crazy! Oh yeah, the first image is actually the first render I ever did with cinema 4D!


Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 44 36 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 42 50 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 38 37 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 38 10 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 30 02 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 28 46 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 27 31 PM

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 10 23 27 PM

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Some nights ago when the weather was shitty (as usual in Amsterdam) I remembered I still have like 75% of the vacation photographs left to go through and fix. Should really have done some other stuff but it was seriously like 2 months ago I opened Photoshop just for something else then resize layers and adapt the file for a .aep project. Its nice just getting some tunes on, or maybe a nice podcast and just remember how got damn nice it was with two weeks off everything with good wether and food. Enjoy.

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So, actually starting to work some on my new reel that is hopefully coming out before the summer. Have some ideas for a intro so I tried with some really really lowrez tests today. All 250fps with timeremapping and such. Though I was gonna do it with DPIT Effex but I don’t really get the mesh that I want with that plugin, so pretty much decided for Realflow instead. Although have no idea how I am gonna solve to get the foam over to C4D… Well, just some test images…

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 53 09 AM

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 53 57 AM

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 54 14 AM

Screen Shot 2012 01 12 at 11 54 46 AM

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Happy 2012 everybody! Took a lil’ trip to London over the new years. Really good time with Reimers, Thea, Emil and Johanna! Met some new dudes as well! Anyhow, enjoy the images. As usual more at the viagra free trial 3 free pills.

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