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So, had this badass set on Green Room this saturday. Had a pretty awesome weekend in general. Only 5 days left now til we go on vacation. Gonna be so nice, just relax a little.

Anyway, how does viagra work has a new thingie coming up. And as the video dude in the collective I was asked for some help. Badman Leroy helped me out with everything and think the result came out pretty cool. 2 days of work and way to much time rendering things on my slow iMac at home but here it is. Enjoy people!

Cover 00000 copy

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A231aa7b408d5d599468de0940b823ba01b49e22 m


010 540x360

6 trace shadow tableware kijtanes kajornrattanadech

Tumblr lpczj7RCAc1qzt4vjo1 500

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Enhanced buzz 31468 1313000546 5

Enhanced buzz 9119 1313000542 6



Spanish farmer by martin santos yubero

Tumblr lnbdpwXLLE1qfw54vo1 500

Tumblr lo62icxjwr1qimhypo1 500

Tumblr lp3b94tzvn1qie8fko1 500

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Had my first gig this Saturday at Studio K! Even though the heavy rain it was awesome. Lots of people showed up and all the stressful nights I have been building up my set showed off! People came up and shit. So I was happy! This post is although about some other visuals, this stuff is just so cool. I will however upload some screens of all the stuff I did later today or maybe tomorrow. Blog aint sleepin’!

Stolen from Vimeo.

“/Interactive audio-visual performance/
/Sound generation from chemical process/
/Tracking of chemical process/

Solvation – a molecular-dynamic process. Enveloping the
active substance molecules of fat.
CH3 (CH2) 14COOH – a key component of milk fat, palmitic acid
C12H25SO4Na – detergent (sodium dodetsilsulfonat)

This presentation is completely live. An artist adds various reagents in small portions to a chemical process to the fluid phase floating on the surface of a liquid. Thus, the color, shape, and texture of the fluid components are dynamically changed and create artistic
abstraction. The process, transmitted through the web-camera, generates sound by given algorithm. The interaction of chemical components and milk creates a process of fractal nature. Solvation – enveloping the activesubstance of fat molecules in milk. Each process takes several minutes. A computer program captures the dynamics of the situation and creates LIQUID~DO

“LIQUID~DO” may be associated with LIBIDO in the context of energy deliberation from a liquid substance, the chemical process. The energy is interpreted by the sound. The potential of the liquid is represented by the
sound. If in a human it is “sexual potential”, then in a liquid it is different. We are interested in the nature of self-organization, both visual and audible, and the way these two areas interact with each other in a liquid system.

/ julia borovaya – art /​LIQuiDplaceII
/ sergey kasich – sound /
/ vadim smakhtin – programming /
/ mikhail simunin (science deputy chairman of
joung scientists community of MIET)- chemical

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Pretty neat production about the sound in the new Transformers: Dark side of the moon.

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Its midsummer today, The dutch people wouldn’t let me have the day off! Time for dinner and partying now, feels good with 2 days off! Here is some vimeo stuff, that i “liked”

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Been a lot at work lately, got this pretty fun project coming up. Gonna do some shooting next week i think and animate all kind of shit, fast pace, just how i like it. Also got an apartment now, even its only 3 months its so nice to feel that we at least have something. Friday again, so i guess its time for some beer. Have a nice weekend!















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Pretty cool with the Seven deadly sins as typefaces. Lust and Greed is my favorite ones. Check out more about it right how much does viagra cost.








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Seems like the apartment we was already ready to sign on is on hold. Today feels like a day full of hate so I mostly sit down with my really fucked up now swollen tongue and listening to M.O.P. for some reason. Thought I share some of my Vimeo Likes again. Enjoy.


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Just some of the latest weeks “likes” on my vimeo channel.

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 3.59.18 PM.jpg

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