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June, 2012 Monthly archive

So finally after almost a month off from work now, a lot of hours playing video games and not as much as i should work on my reel I managed to fix the last photos! Although as I write rendering out the first camera-animation from the reel intro which I actually have been working on quite a bit.

Anyway, here is the last batch from the Mexico trip, some overview stuff from the apartment we lived in Sayulito, a few of em from the last stop before we left which was in Puerto Vallarta. This city was actually quite boring, really a tourist kind of city with huge hotels and assholes standing outside every restaurant trying to throw you in on a few margaritas.

But all in all the Mexico trip was awesome, good food and great weather! Now back to some working and trying to get a new job. BOOM.

Final set of the trip is right viagra side effects.

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