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I am a woman and i took viagra - Viagra substitute over the counter

So two nights ago we managed to see a pretty big solar eclipse, seen some at home but never as beautiful as this. Sun was setting down and as we have the beach right in front of us a lot of people was setting up BBQ’s, bonfires and just chilling out waiting for the epicness to happened. It took a while but slowly the sun was getting blocked but he moon and unfortunately there was some clouds right at the horizon so we missed a little part of it but managed to get some shots right before it was hitting the horizon. Really cool experience!

Anyhow, yesterday it was a lil’ bit windy so we decided to take the car and drive into the country a little bit. Our target was Tepic and it took quite some time to get there. We stopped at some other super small town on the way there and everywhere people looked at us strangely. Got ourself some lunch for around 2.50 euros each and it was amazing. Anyhow Tepic was huge but real dirty and the hour was getting late so we drove back home again. Had some to eat and then took a little night swim.

Mexico is awesome and today I’m going to try surfing here at the beach. More in my Mexico how long does viagra last set.

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