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May, 2012 Monthly archive

So today we took a trip to the viagra side effects. In the ad we were supposed to see whales, dolphins, sting rays and all that stuff. But i guess we were off season and unfortunately there was some lazy and bitchy in-their-60′s-something americans that just wanted to get out of there.

It was a nice 40 minutes boat ride there and when we arrived we took our snorkel gear out and went under some rocks to a hidden beach which was pretty awesome. After that snorkeled some more, saw some regular rays, a blow fish and some Nemo’s. But the Americans bitched a lot and that was the only snorkeling there we did, was at some other beach and saw some cool birds but all in all the trip was pretty lame, had way higher hopes.

After that we had some chill time, pretty much stayed in the room and edited some images, took a little nap, had some more mojitos/margaritas and enjoyed the sun. For dinner today the house lady came and cooked us her home dishes, super nice. Could had needed a lil’ bit more spices but the Enchiladas was pretty awesome.

This is our last night here in Sayulita so we took a night swim, bought a bottle of tequila and really sucked up the last to enjoy in this beautiful little fishing village. Tomorrow we are taking the car to how does viagra work which we are staying til’ sunday. I miss Mathilda though but I’ll be home soon. Thanks for all the likes and nice words on the photographys, really! Time to go to the Air conditioned room which keeps a solid 23 degrees and slowly while watching Game of Thrones fall asleep. More in my viagra dosage

Oh yeah, took this 40 min exposure of the night sky, pretty awesome ye?

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So two nights ago we managed to see a pretty big solar eclipse, seen some at home but never as beautiful as this. Sun was setting down and as we have the beach right in front of us a lot of people was setting up BBQ’s, bonfires and just chilling out waiting for the epicness to happened. It took a while but slowly the sun was getting blocked but he moon and unfortunately there was some clouds right at the horizon so we missed a little part of it but managed to get some shots right before it was hitting the horizon. Really cool experience!

Anyhow, yesterday it was a lil’ bit windy so we decided to take the car and drive into the country a little bit. Our target was Tepic and it took quite some time to get there. We stopped at some other super small town on the way there and everywhere people looked at us strangely. Got ourself some lunch for around 2.50 euros each and it was amazing. Anyhow Tepic was huge but real dirty and the hour was getting late so we drove back home again. Had some to eat and then took a little night swim.

Mexico is awesome and today I’m going to try surfing here at the beach. More in my Mexico buy viagra set.

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My moms turned 50 and she decided to celebrate it by taking a lil’ trip to Mexico with her yet so awesome kids. So fortunate as I was right now I’m sitting at 11.30pm outside with the ocean 30 meters from our apartment listening to the waves rolling in and it’s probably still around 27 degrees.

Just had some nice marlin burritos after quite a hot day with things as Margaritas, standing in the water with ray-fishes around me, coronas, way too much sun and hot degrees, diving in the pool and trying to figure out how to hack the wifi.

We live in this apartment building with a outside kitchen and three rooms which me, my sis and moms and Roland is living in. Fortunate there is a AC and I’m going hard on 23 degrees.

Today while sitting on our roof terrace awesomeness occurred and a got damn solar eclipse just appeared in front of our eyes, not a full one though but still the moon covered the sun slowly while it disappeared in a crazy color behind the horizon, got some really nice images that i’ll upload here tomorrow. For now enjoy some from the 23 hour fly trip here, the first night in Puerto Vallarta and now the first day here in Sayulito that we will stay in for another 4 days. More on my female viagra prank.

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Really love this photography from over the counter viagra substitute.

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Getting some “On to the next one” by Jay Z vibe on this video, anyway a nice one. Stoked seeing them here in Amsterdam in June.

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The copyrighting in these commercials is

beyond awesome. And as the narrator; Ron Swanson!

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