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April, 2012 Monthly archive

viagra for women‘s Car Crash Studies series ties a post-crash carnage to artistic abstraction, as the photographs of metallic dents and scratches have a true sculptural quality. This contrasts to the chaos of the subject-matter to unveil a fascinating and hidden beauty in destruction. (via viagra side effects)





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This guy how long does viagra last have really nice presentation about what is happening in the game industry and especially with various consoles. Enjoy 20 minutes and listen to the new iOS industry and how we just lost a console gaming generation.


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All my boys from Gothenburg was here last weekend. They drove down which is actually only like a 12 hours drive just so they could bring their bikes. Took a really nice ride to the beach with some beer tasting at the Haarlem local brewery viagra price. After that continued to the beach but the weather got gnarly so we actually took the train home. Here is a lil’ recap from one of the better weekends since i moved here!

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Dude spend some serious money on this video!

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