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December, 2011 Monthly archive

Reminiscin’, love the one with Beastie Boys.

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I know it’s 1 day old now but still! The end titles when panning up towards the sky, oh yes.

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Been listening a lot to this dude lately. Sound vibe of a white Ghostface Killah straight from Queens, NY. Real good vibe, buy or download his albums, here is some from the new one.

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So i got this opportunity from side effects of viagra over at viagra alternative to do this promotional video for the upcoming shoe they we’re going to do with Asics. This is all Amsterdam mode so I got some nice shots of the shoes, and went out for a night in the city to get the classic canals, bikeracks, all that stuff. Stabilized almost all the footage with the Warper in CS5.5 and graded it til’ the way i liked it. Live today, i proudly present this video! Biggup!

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canadian pharmacy viagra

Lost Boys int. just released their latest showreel with works from this year. My main man women viagra and his partner Thea stood for the creative team and how to get viagra as the director. Looks really good with all the live footage, really like the color vibe in the unicorn shot!

generic viagra cost

Colors and explosions, this is awesome. By Cai Guo-Qiang at the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Dohar, Qatar.

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