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November, 2011 Monthly archive

“Today’s bubblegum rap may rule the charts, but at VICE we prefer our beats harder and more innovative. Follow along as we head south to the Third Coast to groove on one of the most original rap scenes ever realized. Houston is a city defined by its geography—low and slow, hot and hard, bayous and parking lots spreading for endless flat suburban miles. But a lack of citywide zoning creates pockets of distinct communities within Houston’s sprawl, and in these unofficially cordoned-off neighborhoods, Dirty Southern rap was born.”

Almost as good as the documentary about viagra for women. Although the narrator/interviewer is pretty wack. Hate when Vice is trying to be all “culture” and it almost ends up mocking it. Anyway, have a look!

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A robot equipped with stereoscopic vision and some object and facial recognition programs opens up a whole number of different possibilities, but few quite as interesting as what happens when you place said robot in front of a mirror. It took a bit of guidance (and no doubt a bit of prep), but the open source Qbo robot was quickly able to both recognize and learn to identify himself when he was recently placed in just such a situation. See what happened after the break.

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That Volkswagen project is still in the pipeline, hopefully done this week though so after that I might have some time to actually post some of the stuff I’ve done in that project. Right now pretty much going on the final tweaks and fixes, feels good!

Also had a great weekend in Sweden, always nice to meet the fam and the gig in Malmö was huge! Such a good time. Until then, got some stuff that suppose to be done for a pretty dope collabo, will keep you updated on that one, having the meeting today so I’m pumped!

Also making a full length Half-Life movie would be awesome. Although the green screen work could be a lil’ bit better!

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So side effects of viagra had this contest a few days back with the intention to take or create an image that had something to do with Patta. Me being a regular customer i though i would give it a try.

Think i bent the rules a little bit though when i saw the other contestants taking photographs of Patta products. Anyway they did this lighter a few weeks ago that i though was dope, so i modeled it and lit up the scene a lil’ nicely.

I actually won and got me a pair of the Patta x Kangaroo boots they released this saturday (actually already bought a pair then, so now i have one to put on ice!). Super stoked! Here is my submission, click viagra alternative for bigger image.





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As I have been said earlier I really do not have time for anything now. Finishing up this project this week though and hope that I could take some days off after that to actually take and do stuff. Until then, blog is dead and so am I. Here is some more photos from vacation though! Also got all my rolls back from my Olympus Pen so some day when I dont have too much to do will upload them as well. Enjoy.

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