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So, for not been on this thingie lately quite a lot of things has happened. For one which I am really pumped about is this new project at work, gonna be pretty intense now when I go on vacation for two weeks but hope we will prepare it enough so the freelancer can take good care of it while I’m gone!

Also moved to a new adress! Columbusplein 24-III is now the new place and carrying up all the stuff to the third floor was kind of a bitch. Specially after 4 hours on IKEA. Holy fuck how i hate that place. I seriously become like an angry dad, trying to hit people with that little cart.

Anyway, the hard working weeks have really made me looking forward to me and Mathildas vacation in 10 days. 2 weeks on Zakynthos in Greece. Gonna be nice getting away from the shitty weather in Amsterdam and just do nothing for a little while. Have beers for lunch and get some sun!

From that vacation to an other. Took me quite a while to edit some images from our earlier vacation this year in Gothenburg. Will try to check this blog more often. Enjoy more as usuals on the how long does viagra last

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