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September, 2011 Monthly archive

Ok, its now 23:38 and everything is done. All my stuff on my list has been packed down and I must say that that Im pretty stoked about this. It really is my first paid vacation ever!

However, woke up this morning with the sun shining so nicely i decided to make another timelapse from our window. Enjoy it below.

Other then that I will be back in two weeks and probably wont upload anything here til’ then. Have a good one folks, i know i will. Laters!

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Busenitz and Puig… So got damn steezy. And it is in Greece, which btw I am going to i like three days… FUCK YEAH VACATION!

viagra 100mg

So, had this badass set on Green Room this saturday. Had a pretty awesome weekend in general. Only 5 days left now til we go on vacation. Gonna be so nice, just relax a little.

Anyway, viagra for sale has a new thingie coming up. And as the video dude in the collective I was asked for some help. Badman Leroy helped me out with everything and think the result came out pretty cool. 2 days of work and way to much time rendering things on my slow iMac at home but here it is. Enjoy people!

Cover 00000 copy

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Looking forward to this weekend!

Tonight I’ll do some cool stuff for herbal viagra that are launching a new really interesting project. Also got a gig tomorrow at Studio K with the what does viagra do. The latest two weeks have been quite intense so it is really gonna be nice to get shitfaced and do awesome stuff. Also a 2 week vacation is coming up in only 8 days! BLUUUKKU!

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This dude. Epic.

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So, for not been on this thingie lately quite a lot of things has happened. For one which I am really pumped about is this new project at work, gonna be pretty intense now when I go on vacation for two weeks but hope we will prepare it enough so the freelancer can take good care of it while I’m gone!

Also moved to a new adress! Columbusplein 24-III is now the new place and carrying up all the stuff to the third floor was kind of a bitch. Specially after 4 hours on IKEA. Holy fuck how i hate that place. I seriously become like an angry dad, trying to hit people with that little cart.

Anyway, the hard working weeks have really made me looking forward to me and Mathildas vacation in 10 days. 2 weeks on Zakynthos in Greece. Gonna be nice getting away from the shitty weather in Amsterdam and just do nothing for a little while. Have beers for lunch and get some sun!

From that vacation to an other. Took me quite a while to edit some images from our earlier vacation this year in Gothenburg. Will try to check this blog more often. Enjoy more as usuals on the how to get viagra

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So, Friday is finally here. Pretty much been stressing out the latest week on this but i managed to produce a lot of new stuff for tonight. Here is some screens from the set. If you are in Amsterdam, do not forget to come out to Trouw tonight, this night is going to be epic!

Untitled 2Untitled 3Untitled 4

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