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June, 2011 Monthly archive

This dude…

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So yesterday we kicked it in the east. Never really been over there, pretty far bikeride if coming from the east but i did like it pretty much. Feels more like a city compare to the west, although the west is a lot quieter. Roots festival was setup all over Oosterpark so we listened to some nice african vibe music. Anyway, 28 degrees today and im stuck inside an office with no windows against the sun! Cant wait for this work day to be over so i can kick it on our balcony!

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Its midsummer today, The dutch people wouldn’t let me have the day off! Time for dinner and partying now, feels good with 2 days off! Here is some vimeo stuff, that i “liked”

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Found some old rolls and developed them. Enjoy.

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Been a lot at work lately, got this pretty fun project coming up. Gonna do some shooting next week i think and animate all kind of shit, fast pace, just how i like it. Also got an apartment now, even its only 3 months its so nice to feel that we at least have something. Friday again, so i guess its time for some beer. Have a nice weekend!















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Happy Friday to you all! Myself is on Anti-Biotics and cannot drink anything. So I think I have a good weekend buried under some blankets watching movies and playing CoD, kind of looking forward to it. Some more internetz awkwardness to watch before leaving work.

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Pretty cool with the Seven deadly sins as typefaces. Lust and Greed is my favorite ones. Check out more about it right active ingredient in viagra.








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Looks like we finally found a place to live. At least for around 9 weeks. Better then nothing, takes a lot of stress from me. Time to get home and meet up a dude that is selling me the Aqua’s Jordan 8′s. Been trying to get them a long time. More form Gothenburg, here and on my teva generic viagra cost.

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