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May, 2011 Monthly archive

Seems like the apartment we was already ready to sign on is on hold. Today feels like a day full of hate so I mostly sit down with my really fucked up now swollen tongue and listening to M.O.P. for some reason. Thought I share some of my Vimeo Likes again. Enjoy.


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Just got paid. It is Friday and the weather is decent. Time to make it rain, HURR! (btw i always wanted a stock with dollars, would feel legit.)


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Just some of the latest weeks “likes” on my vimeo channel.

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 3.59.18 PM.jpg

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As you might know if you follow that side effects of viagra shit i took a quick visit to London last weekend. I have been in London before but that made me hate it. I was sleeping with a jacket on straight on a floor that was around 8 degrees cold. This time however, was way better.

Even if Emil got like the flu and me being pretty sick as well the trip was awesome. Nice meeting my maine man (nohomo) again. Went to see all the tourist stuff, Lonon Eye, Big Ben, Aquarium watching penguins n shit, eating cheap food and seeing the trendiest area with all goons, Brick Lane.

Cant say that much more, here is some of the images i like from the trip, enjoy. More at viagra alternative as usual.

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Though i start with a little series. Everyday when i go through my Google Reader i find so much stuff which i find interesting, awesome, spectacular, epic and weird. And just because i don’t want to fukx with a tumblr, i might as well just post some random shit here everyday instead. I cant really give any credit because most of the stuff i find is uncredited. But ill try my best to give shoutouts to the people that deserve it. It can be everything from GIFs, photos, paintings, apps, developer shit and videos. Basically just stuff which i really think is cool.














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One word. Intense.

Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 9.53.40 AM.png

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After a few weeks of production we finally got done with it. Yeti Nacht Jacht is now live and i was in charge of the intro-video. Really stoked with this one, enjoy.

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Of course they are Swedish…

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That is some serious cut’n'fold skills.

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