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Haha this guys is one of the greatest on my Google Reader. Big up to cialis vs viagra


This dude.

How hard can one dude try?

Let’s break down the contents of this street assassin’s kit

Bike lock = so you’re on a bike, fair enough. Locks gotta lock.

Krink Markers (all three of them) = 3 unused markers from the Krink 2011 Catalog. Got that back up marker for that back up marker?

Camera = non film camera? Talk about a tumblr fail.

Sunglasses = In case you catch your own reflection and you’re shining too hard.

Knife = You whittling a wooden figurine?

Can Of Montana Black = Ultra tech German Montana with the crazy ill burner tip.

Blackberry = fair enough standard item.

Business cards = In case someone doesn’t recognize you from your 4,000 self portraits on the internet.

Two bags of caps = 42 caps is too many, 41 caps is just the right amount.

Military stickers = two stickers to spark the revolution.

Janitor’s Keys = in case one of the teacher’s needs something out of storage.

Bike pump = Inflate your ego or your tire.

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