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I remember being like 11 years old and just dying to get the new Wu-Wear from the store “Young Street” in Gothenburg. One of my friends was on that FuBu shit but i really wanted the Wu-Jeans. Specially the silver ones, soo fresh. I never got a pair, although i got a pair of FuBus, was kind of down with that as well. Didnt know shit back then just wanted to rock the baggiest shit i could find. I remember i saved up for like 2 months though just to buy a Wu-Jersey, it was all gold and had the big wu sign in the front! Siked! although the print itched so much on me that i had to have a tee underneath and sweat to death during the summer. Here is Raekwon when he still was skinny giving a tour form the OG store back in Staten. Nahmean…

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