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March, 2011 Monthly archive

Pretty nice commercials for Skittles. THe facebook campaign they made earlier this year when you could type a message to some skittles dude that read up the message was pretty funny as well! Go skittles!


viagra side effects

Oh how white people can take ideas to the next level. I like ze german accent.

cialis vs viagra

New project here! Had a nice day in Amsterdam the other week, took a little trip to this really nice arcade museum and played a little of everything. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


viagra over the counter

Palace is a steezy brand, this new NY promo all filmed with a VHS camera! BOOM!




herbal viagra

First full length trailer here. Looks like this movie will be pretty decent anyway…

viagra cost

So this afternoon we created a ghetto little soundbooth.


Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 4.45.22 PM.png

what is viagra

I remember being like 11 years old and just dying to get the new Wu-Wear from the store “Young Street” in Gothenburg. One of my friends was on that FuBu shit but i really wanted the Wu-Jeans. Specially the silver ones, soo fresh. I never got a pair, although i got a pair of FuBus, was kind of down with that as well. Didnt know shit back then just wanted to rock the baggiest shit i could find. I remember i saved up for like 2 months though just to buy a Wu-Jersey, it was all gold and had the big wu sign in the front! Siked! although the print itched so much on me that i had to have a tee underneath and sweat to death during the summer. Here is Raekwon when he still was skinny giving a tour form the OG store back in Staten. Nahmean…

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viagra without a doctor prescription

“Nigga went from gang signs to sign language…”

teva generic viagra

Fucking awesome weekend, ended up sunday evening at a pretty ghetto tivoli, was nice though.

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