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February, 2011 Monthly archive


viagra for women

You know what it is. Went to some indoor slope 40 minutes from Amsterdam, crazy shit.

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So the lack of posting been because ive been sick. Yeah, again…
Me and Mathilda went to Brussels last weekend just for a nice little trip, round trip was like 40euros each so it was pretty nice. Took in to this ballin hotel with like the best breakfast in the city. Like rated best breakfast.

However Brussels was kind of a shitty city, its like the EU parliament, and thats it. The inner city was pretty small and dirty, not cosy like Amsterdam and strangely most of the stores outside of the city was closed. On a Saturday around lunch, pretty weird. Anyway, here is some shots from my new D7000, pretty nice to be able to start shooting again. More on my viagra vs cialis.

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1984, swag. That chick drummer looks pretty freaked out though.

is viagra government funded

This is my latest project for Shelta in Gothenburg. Music video for the new Andra Långgatan anthen by Roffe Ruff. Download the regular version and the chopped n screwed one a bit further down. Art direction, editing and some of the clips are done by me but Jens Dohnberg helped me out with the nice footage from Andra Lång and so on, big up!

Now dont forget to vote for Shelta in the competition now right here! Please help them out and we will get a killer block party this summer. Boooom!

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B1. how much does viagra cost


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Hans Richter and Viking Eggeling was killing the visual game back in the 20′s and early 30′s!

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Found this dude the other day. This song is dope, love how raw the beat feels. Kind of reminds me of an early Saul Williams sound mixed with Aesop Rocks lyrics.

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Now here is some serious compositing and 3D layers. Not flawless but i must say it is pretty damn nice. The tune is good too!

viagra patent expiration

Just finished 95% on GTA IV the other and i must say the gameplay there is one of the better games I’ve played. This new one from Rockstar though seems pretty nice. Especially the face expressions on the characters. Awesome.

Rockstar just released the first real gameplay footage from L.A. Noire. It’s really looking like a game caught somewhere between Mafia and Grand Theft Auto.

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New one, so fucking good (via how to use viagra)

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