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January, 2011 Monthly archive

Always been down with the purple stuff.






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The swag in the 90′s is just so awesome. Golf cap and camo!

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Free Boosie!
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Looking forward to this one, dropin’ in June.

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Kind of finally done with the job now. Finished up the last shit bout’ 1 hour ago. Feels like it is time for some major alcohol intake. Anyway, got a nice freelance project going on, cant say more at the time but i received one of the assets today and i am fucking stoked. Anyway, Party on, excellent!

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- Whats up with you..?
- Nothing much, just chill.

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Supreme and Vans gets together once again and releases the Mike Carrol, looks dope, but i dont really like the color-way. Would be nice if they dropped something black/white, like the half cab. Old new i know, but i thought it was worth mention. images via womens viagra




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When a game is all about the weapons and you get points how you kill you opponents I am pretty game. Kind of like Carmageddon, but a tad nicer graphics and weapons. This looks epic.

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So as i said the shoot for the up-comming project was last week. Was there for a few hours to check out the green screen, anyway almost done with the keying for all the scenes. Cant wait to show you the final, dont know when this is launching but it will be pretty cool. So fucking tired of masking and keying now, haha.

Everything was shot in RED 4K so working with the files is pretty intense, takes a lot of CPU power, funk seeing and working with some RED footage though. Here is some shots from the shoot, all secret n shit.

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