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December, 2010 Monthly archive

Tried out a pretty epic plugin to C4D yesterday, was trying to get an explosion but its just too many damn parameters. Anyway simulation time was about 40 minutes and render maybe 60 minutes. Cache file went up in like 15 GB’s, so pretty heavy particles. But it damn looks pretty cool…

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Had a real good one. We cooked a lot of food, bought some nice beer, drinks, candy, presents. And on top of that i got a new watch, some daaaark navy Norse gloves and a little hipster-book about bikes! But now back to the office. Kinda bummed both xmas and new years is on the weekend so no days off at all, even had to take the 24th off. Well well, everything cant be perfect ey. Ima continue to do bunch of stuff for cars, and probably will have a new project soon to show. Also would learn how to do stuff like this. Laters.

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viagra for sale

Having the x-mas dinner today at Achtung. Bought myself a bowtie and shit to get the official steez up. Other than that, ill be listening to some Led Zeppelin, all slowed down.

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Cruise Blingsteen and the fine folks at XXIV presents some entertainment.

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Had to work until like 1.15am yesterday so today at the office I am pretty tired. Modelling some stuff for Volkswagen at the moment, nothing fancy but i think it comes out pretty good.

As you know i hate x-mas, I am the Grinch himself. So this will probably be the only x-mas record i will be listening to this year. Harlem!

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Dipset Christmas Cover.jpg

is viagra government funded

So starting the Monday with some new tunes. Download it buy viagra!


01. Bounce Feat Kid Capri (Hellfire Machina Remix)
02. The Future (Lenny Dee and Nebulla Remix)
03. How Long (Dem Soul Mix)
04. Dopestep Feat Petey Green
05. Get it Crackin (Hellfire Machina Remix)
06. Revolution (Lenny Dee and Code of Arms Remix)
07. Just Dont Learn (Nebulla Remix)
08. Supreme Mathematics (Hellfire Machina Remix)
09. Soldiers Story (Hellfire Machina Remix)
10. Corners (Lenny Dee and Nebulla Remix)
11. Slow Down (Hellfire Machina Remix)
12. Get the Money (Hellfire Machina Remix)

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Think i start releasing some records here. First up, the new Ghostface album “Apollo Kids”. Download online viagra (via best place to buy viagra online)


01. Purified Thoughts Feat Gza and Killah Priest
02. Superstar Feat Busta Rhymes
03. Black Tequila Feat Cappadona and Trife
04. Drama Feat Joell Ortiz and the Game
05. 2getha Baby
06. Starkology
07. In Tha Park Feat Black Thought
08. How You Like Me Baby
09. Handcuffin Them Hoes Feat Jim Jones
10. Street Bullies Feat Sheek Louch Wiggs and Sun God
11. Ghetto Feat Raekwon Cappadonna and Ugod
12. Troublemakers Feat Raekwon Method Man and Redman

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Awesome video done by Cyriak.

generic viagra without a doctor prescription

Straight outta how long does it take for viagra to work

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