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November, 2010 Monthly archive

(via how does viagra work)


Primarily known for creating three-dimensional sculptures from recycled skate decks, viagra dosage recently created this version of the Nike Dunk. The special edition Dunk was actually created from decks belonging to skaters from Nike’s own pro skate team and include boards from the likes of: P-Rod, Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Brian Anderson, Cory Kennedy and many more. The pair is actually modelled on a pair of haroshi’s own well-worn shoes. These detailed shots (exclusive to Hypebeast and of course Nike themselves), illustrate each of the creases, crimps and even the knotted laces worked into the sculptures. Interestingly the curvature of the decks accurately matches that of the used Dunk, which is portrayed as a hidden message within the art. A second subliminal message is found under X-ray scanning, where “Sole in soul” is revealed, making a pun from the skate artwork that finds itself on the underside of the shoe.




viagra 100mg

Dont know what happened to the last upload but the sound was just way off… Here it is again anyway, synced and everything!

viagra vs cialis

Had a great day around Paris today. Started with some Notre Dam and then just walked around the city and ended up at the The Arc de Triomphe.

Had three stores i really wanted to go to, first up Opium that had the craziest museum of Jordans and runners, even a pair of OG Air Max 1′s, took bunch of photos. Anyway was suppose to go to Colette but we went lost and ended up at some place called Scarecrow.

They had some Supreme stuff, Hundreds, Nike SB, Penfield ye just a lot of pretty decent stuff. Though i would find some Dunk lows there but even better. I found a pair that i have been looking for a really long time. Was trying to cop them in the Oakland vans store when they were released but it was all sold out, but here they had both the Authentics and the Half Cab mountains. The inner sole is so nice and the red leather mixed with suede makes it looks so fucking premium. And that you got a pair of handlebars with the box made it even better. So stoked for these the coming summer! Now its time for some food and then clubbing, utz utz!

Photo on 2010-11-27 at 20.53.jpg

Photo on 2010-11-27 at 20.55.jpg


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In Paris right now, managed to steal some internet and finally upload this. When Caspa is tuning up with wheres my money and the whole floor goes moshpit shit got a bit crazy. So enjoy! Im out for the Louvre, Eifeltower and all of that.

viagra cost

Bought a new charger for my camera yesterday, been missing taking some photographs now and then, just bring it out on the weekend or something. Anyway this guy is a huge inspiration for me. Seriously, everything is quite beautiful. Look in the “Blackout” series, might be my favorite. Just inverted images of huge mountains.

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is viagra government funded

buy viagra

This pixel series by viagra without a doctor prescription is pretty cool, like that one that looks like the death star.





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There is something with midgets… cant stop laughing.

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Happy thanksgiving everybody!
A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig.

viagra and alcohol

taking a short weekend trip to Paris on friday with the lovely viagra substitute. Bought it as a little move in present. Its gonna be nice getting there again walking around some. Here is some reminiscing!

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