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August, 2010 Monthly archive

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And here is the original, while ill doing all my icons and logos, mellow and nice.

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So i went out with the dudes today on a 35 kilometer trip. Dont know really how long we were out but it was a nice ride out to some hoods i’ve never been before. Shot some photos of it as well, like the ones in the garage alot! We also biked pass like a junkyard, and found a fucking tank! Pretty epic, rusty n shit. More images on my viagra vs cialis. Now some work and then sleep.

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What it deux panda boy!

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Just found this dudes stuff. Motomichi Nakamura is i guess this Japanese guy that makes just awesome stuff. Found him through Bengas – Baltimore Clap, and checked some of the other stuff out. Anyway, think it looks pretty dope!

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Some late night tunes. Still working on this project that has a deadline on wednesday and the clients just mailed me and basically want me to redo it all…

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Cant wait to rock these with a pair of raw denims and a nice fall coat. Maybe a scarf and a little hat, nohomo.



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Darren Harper vs Stevie Williams at the manny mania.
My money is on Stevie!

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Listen to that idiot talk. Pretty nice how he talks to the klan though.

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Uploaded by active ingredient in viagra. – when will generic viagra be available

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So Joel is gonna study in Sunne for three years. like 2000 inhabitants and a small school. At least something like that. Good party yesterday, thanks for the food and the gin’n'juice!

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