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June, 2010 Monthly archive

Dipset is back, and Killa is killing it, once again. AYE!

viagra for women

Back from Skagen now. Alot of miles on the bike, tons of good food, sun and way to much burnt skin. Anyway, images will be up tomorrow, until then. Here is some viagra 100mg.

cialis vs viagra

Finally i do get some time off from work. Not just Shelta but all the freelance these last weeks has really got me tired. So now, im going to be without an internet, computer and a cellphone and just bike around in the North of Denmark enjoying good food, nice views and just some time off everything. Pretty stoked about this biketrip, bought myself new pants for it today. I know it looks pretty serious but if im gonna be on that saddle for more then four hours i do not want a pair of jeans on me. Plus im gonna need it for later this summer when me and emil go down in Skåne for some good trips.

Anyway, as usually ive been packing it all up way to late and my thoughts was that i was gonna sleep for like 1 and a half hours ago. I started packing 10 minutes ago.

So im gonna be off the blog, twitter, facebook and all that until sunday night. Have a nice midsummer people!

DSC_3915 copy.jpg

DSC_3913 copy.jpg

DSC_3912 copy.jpg
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Taking this weekend off for a nice little trip to Skagen in Denmark with Mathilda. Im not really into all this days where you really should do something with everybody you know. Now its midsummer and it feels like all these days you plan for something really hard always ends up with you doing the exact opposite and end up being really disappointed about the night.

Same thing with birthdays, christmas, 1st of may or whatever. I know Mathilda is really into this but we decided to fuck all the midsommer parties, snaps, herring and the bad hungover the day after. So we decided to take a weekend to Skagen. Actually taking the boat to Fredrikshavn and bike the 40 kilometers there. Pretty stoked about the bikeride actually, even if i cant race it is a really beautiful road along the coast. Booked the hotel today so everything is done!

Anyway, im about to do some visuals for Colors now, ill catch you on the flipside.






By the way this movie seems kind of cheesy but the effects and all that looks pretty epic.

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Watching mythbusters and trying to sleep. Doing a project for a agency tomorrow shooting containers, think it might be fun. Actually my first commercial photo-project so im pretty stoked. My wounds still hurts alot and ill probably be more soar tomorrow. However, time for some sleep.

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What the fuck, was out biking on work today picking up some stuff at Shelta Sneakers. Was behind a car that slowed down pretty far before a turn, but didn’t blink so i was going to pass that motherfucker on the inner side so i wouldnt get hit by cars on the right side. Anyway, that motherfucker put the pedal down and turm , without even blinking and looking back he turn left. I was on he’s left side and i had no time or chance to stop. It was either try drive up on the curb and fly over the handlebars or simply just lay down. I chose the second alternative. Without really no thinkoing at all i just started wobble and flew down on the ground with my whole left side sliding on the asphalt. It all went pretty fast and i stood up and quickly checking so nothing was broken, nor myself or my watch, bag or my bike. Before i know it that son of a bitch had already drove away. A kind woman took care of me wondering how it went and such but she niether had no time to get the licenseplate. A black mutherfucking Volvo… Anyway. Had to get some anger out. Fuck you Volvo, you aint worth a shit! Ill smash your car in pieces next time i see you, what the fuck. Dont give out a car license to someone who cant even fucking blink….

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Had one of the better Sundays in a long time, just took it pretty easy, even though i had to work some i had a great dinner and watched some awesome movies. I really hope some of the agencies will reply me this week, so stoked to leave here now. Anyway here is some images from Andra Långdagen, as usual more on my flickr…

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

Andra Långdagen.

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Some more awesome late night videos.

how much does viagra cost – watch more womens viagra

generic viagra online

Damn this week has too been hectic like a mfka… Deadline on a pitch yesterday, did a little collabo with Nils, pretty stoked on the outcome. Might show some later if i can, just a graphic profile right now but if we win it its gonna be big! Anyway kalle is in stockholm today and i gotta work on a saturday, in the store… Not superstoked but i guess its ok, always good with some extra money for my vacation! Talk with a dude in Amsterdam yesterday as well, said that my chances on getting a job there is pretty solid. Tons of stuff happening right now, fucking stoked! Anyway, some saturday vids straight from viagra connect.

teva generic viagra

ATTENTION, probably the most serious dude ive seen in a while.

generic viagra without a doctor prescription