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May, 2010 Monthly archive

Had a great one, even though my throat is fucked up and i got the worst sunburn in my neck ever. All good though, good party att Jazzhuset this saturday and been biking all day lon both saturday and sunday. Im so fucking stoked that the summer is finally starting.

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What the fuck?

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Holy fuck. Been on the bike for like 4 hours today, me DJ squeeze, Jens and John took a nice trip over the bridges and down at Älvstranden bu the water. Tired now and i kind of cant sit. #nohomo. Heres some images, im stoked.


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More work today, shooting some textures for a 3D project a couple of dudes is doing. Not the most fun project yet but i think its gonna be a dope final result. Ill might post some later when it looks better. Until then, heres some vimeo inspiration.

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Check these visuals out, looks pretty dope with all the squares. About to bike to work, nice weather. Laze.

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So my bike finally arrived! Picked it up this morning and had it at the office all day just waiting to get it fixed together and go out riding with Boosie and Jens. Im tired as fuck now so imabout to sleep but ill promise you will get some more biking footy in a near future.



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Low activity here lately, guess i got too much else to do, which is good i guess. Images from the weekend, had a fun one. More on my flickr as usual. Nighty.

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Been bad at bloging lately, just that i have alot of things to do. Making my reel, hang out with mathilda, skate now when the weather is better, bike and ye fuck. I just cant find time for everything. Anyway we were in Lund this weekend, we as in Bassline Express playing at Smålands Nation. Was pretty dope, not that much people but i was stoked anyways. Here is some images. Also thinking about changing the blog looks soon. We’ll see, maybe some other day. As usual more on my Flickr.

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