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March, 2010 Monthly archive

More random shit, i should pack but i suck at it.

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Check this out. Ferris Plock is in there talking some too, got some stuff i did for him that will show up in my upcoming reel.

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The latest week has been hectic. Have worked so much i havn’t really had the time to blog at all. Checked my hours and this month i actually worked around 200 hours. Thats like for a normal person working 1 week more every month, its pretty gnarly. And when i come home from work i often sit and do my visuals stuff.

My computer broke down a couple of months ago, my sound card broke out on me so i couldn’t do shit basically. My mom was kind enough to lone me money to a new computer. And it came two days ago. I tried render a thing on my old computer and at the same time rendered the exact same thing on my new one. The difference was like 25 minutes, that is alot of time if you ask me! So i am stoked on working on my new reel, bot my personal and for the VJing. Here is something i tried out here tonight. Tomorrow im going to Sälen for some snowboarding, will post an nice image on my new computer tomorrow. Laze.

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Here is the latest project i did for a agency. Super quick thing to be used in the commercial breaks in swedens NHL. Big ass screen, looked dope. Now im taking the bike for some late night movie watching, #bauws.

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Big weekend with visits from UK. Ashburner and Drama came over to play at the Basstards club, both of em killed it and the crowd went insane. I need to get some proper sleep now, i fucking hate just having one day off a week, shit like that makes me mad. Played at Jazzhuset this saturday to, get tired when you get to a place and nothing is prepared i mean at a underground party im fine with it but if you get hired (which later didnt got any paid anyway just because it was a “bad night”). Whatever but yeah, i think its a bit disrespectful. As said, sleep now, more in the morning. Laze

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This week has been way to hectic for me. Working over and just being sick of everything sucks. Well, there was spring one day and i biked around in a sweater, no fucking jacket! Well, ill invite for some dance with Biz Markie.

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Time to sleep, i let the images speak for it self.

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This was probably one of the best day since the new year started. It actually is pretty warm outside and i took the bike through the park here in Gothenburg called Slottskogen, its kind of a tiny golden gate park with mooses, black swans, penguins, deers and all that zoo kinda stuff you can expect. Went through there, came down and had a crepe down at creperiet, which by the way is awesome. Spinach, mushrooms, ham and cheese. Its like a burrito but it feels a bit healthier. Walked through Haga and biked in to the city. Picked up my payment for the skate images i shot last week. A nice pair of black jeans and a hat. Then hooked up with Joel for some “fika” at this mellow ecological coffee house. Drank some nice orange juice and then biked home again.

I must say Gothenburg is pretty nice as fast as the sun peeks up a bit. Now i am going to make a nice dinner and watch a movie while scanning some negatives. Pretty good day.

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I guess the spring is finally coming around. The funny thing is how this cold fucking winter has changed peoples perspective of what actually is warm outside. It is 7 degrees celsius outside right now and sunny. Last year when it was 7 degrees out i had a big winter jacket, gloves and probably thought it was cold anyway.

Now when its 7 degrees here in Gothenburg my neighbors is starting the BBQ, the kids run around the yard playing some game i dont know and the overweight coffee moms is sitting in the sun trying to get that tan back that they got in thailand couple a weeks ago. Spring time in Majorna is pretty nice.

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On my way to the movies. About to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D n shit. Pretty stoked actually, the last one i saw was avatar and i think i actually like this one alot more. The whole Tim Burton vibe is just epic, the whole surrealistic story behind the movie as well. Eating some thaisoup n listening to dipset wish i ate fried chicken instead, or some mac’n'cheese. Anyway, laze.


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