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February, 2010 Monthly archive

The ghetto blackscreen didnt really work at all. Gonna go buy a big green paper next week and try that instead. For now, ill keep my foot high because the twisted ankle is just killing me. Goodnight.

viagra for women

viagra side effects

how does viagra work

Nice weekend this one actually. My foot is fucked up from when i slammed the other day at Bergics so o cant really party a lot. Its purple and big as a football, ill show ya later. But anyway this gets me time to do tons of other stuff.

Now bought myself a bottle of wine and doing some visuals til next weeks party at Underjorden, pretty stoked. Im doing tons of shit and i built my own ghetto green screen. It is a black screen though but ye, hope it will work.

how long does viagra last

Pretty epic night this saturday. Big up Uppsala for the mighty hard tunes. Enjoy people.

viagra for sale

Some soul on a Thursday.

otc viagra

This gotta be them ost epic robot swordfight ever. Just watch how intense they are!

viagra alternative

Here is three videos i really recommend seeing.

viagra pills

Alright so i saw the epic beard man video the other day and for you that dont know he punches down a black convict. Pretty epic 70 year old man. Saw this post on how to get viagra and i think ill repost it. Much enjoy, oh, and heres the video by the way.

The dude that rules the internet in his first post fight interview.
This is what the internet is SUPPOSED to be about.
Showing how bitch made some dudes are.
The attacker(apparently on parole) got his ass whooped by a 67 year old dude with nothing to lose.
Never ever under any circumstances start a fight with someone who appears like they have nothing to lose. That is a bad move playboy.

generic viagra cost

Some stills from the VJ set this saturday.


generic viagra online

Some soft stuff on a Monday.

viagra connect

Actually sitting with a brand new photo portfolio now. I hate myself for using indexhibit though but its really simple and that is what i need. Anyway i cant get enough of my RSS, i have som many tumblrs, vimeo accounts, blogs and shit that i follow i can sit for days. Here is two cool videos i saw today though. Time for sleep, goodnight.

canadian viagra