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January, 2010 Monthly archive

Hectic last few days, a lot of work and stuff to do. Which is nice though but got no time for anything else. I just got my new MIDI mixer and can say im so stoked about that, it looks really good and im gonna start animate some stuff next week so i can play around a bit more. Anyway its fucking -10 degrees outside. Even if the weather is beautiful im not even stoked on going out. Please give us spring soon, i cant take the cold anymore. Anyway, ima go into the city and hate on my telephone company a bit for sending me two invoices of the same month, bastards. Here is some cold ass ninja songs.

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Screen shot 2010-01-30 at 12.44.55 PM.png

viagra side effects

28th of January.

Here we go, once again.

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Real fast, but i went to Ica Kvantum bought bbq sauce and grape soda for like 200 SEK. Awesome though.

Photo on 2010-01-26 at 23.22.jpg

viagra vs cialis


Think ill go with some dipset today. AYE!

cheap viagra

Too tired to say something really… Just finished up my project, think i will fix some on it when i get sapphire to work in after effects again though. But it was my first time working with glitch noise and such. Fun little project. Bauws.

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Had a good day, had the first day off in six days so it was nice to be able waking up late, eat a late breakfast and watch some movies while the hungover settled down. Drank my last zip of Captain Morgan at around 6am so it was hard walking straight when i went up from bed. Anyway bought two pizzas and almost puked after, then went down to buy some candy and almost puke again, a bit later though. Watched this super douchebag movie called “fighter”.

Shit is about a dude that is poor and can fight so he does and makes alot of money on it, gets the hot latino girl… ohhh, i like them big booty latinos. Anyway it was shit.

Also watched this weird horror movie called “Triangle”. The whole thing was a big Déjà vu. Felt like i saw it again and again and again. Not the best movie ive seen but the photo in it was pretty beautiful, at least some stuff. Lots of lensflares and the grading was dope. Sleep now so i can hit the gym early morning with some nice screaming anabola dudes from Poland.

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Ah fuck i want an X-box. And a bigger TV. RPGs doesnt often make me excited except for like Halo and the Half-Life series. But this looks soooo goood.

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Last night was dope. The afterparty as well.

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So right now eatin macaronis with Pustina. Got some spinach n pesto n shit in there, taste real good. Heres a good update with some images. I had some nosebleed like three hours ago. Look im artsy as a mufukka, haha. Fuck you!

More on my flickr.
Photo on 2010-01-23 at 23.13.jpg

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Im down in chinatown working like it was 2009. Feeling some H-town slab bangers today. Enjoy.

And the classic one banging like erday.

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