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December, 2009 Monthly archive

Same ol’ same ol’. Pretty bad day today, fucking shit happends all the time. Jugga was down showing up the new Nike SBs today though, some of them were dope, ima buy atleast two of them i guess. Also found my scanner, and now its time to sleep. At 3.30am… not that stoked. Heres some analogs from gothenburg, enjoy.

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Soon off to work for another day of sending packages to rich people, awesome. Here is some tunes that will save the day.

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So my homie Emil is in town which is awesome. Been working alot the latest days and im seriously so fucking tired. I want a day off so i can chill around own with Emil. Anyway we filmed some today and started learning some gradienting which is really awesome, gonna try show you some stuff some day soon. Other then that my 3 hours sleep after the New Years day party was dope. Here is some flicks from it. Check my flickr for more!

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So its over. I didnt really got that drunk as i wanted to but its ok. Almost finished up a photo portfolio with some help from a wordpress guru, just some small fixes and it will be epic! Until then, enjoy some shit from my favorite RSS tumblrs…







Fuck the world!

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So i took the opportunity to get away from everything for a while but it was so fucking cold outside i couldnt be out that long. Anyway here is some images from my little trip on the island my moms live on. Now its time to get drunk!

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Long day at work yesterday, put out all the shit for sale so if you wanna find some cheap sneakers just check in generic viagra without a doctor prescription. Anyway its x-mas today and i hate it. I know it has become more of a thing now for me but i can say i cant really feel the cosy, family warmth with open all the presents, watching Kalle Anka, eating all the food, opening all the presents, being stoked for santa even if you know he isnt real… Ye all that, im tired of it. Its just another day for me, sitting at the computer, hopefully getting tipsy later from all the wine n stuff that regular people pours in themselves as the night is rolling in.

I finished up my Bacon Typeface earlier today, pretty stoked actually, think it looks kinda nice. Heres some closeups and the whole typeface. So ill be back with more, until then… Happy Christmas?





Img0013 copy.jpg

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So, i actually made something out of my day spent at home. Ive been thinking on this for months but never really did it. Wanted to do something with bacon. I like the color of bacon, the red/pink mixed with the vanilla white from the fat, awesome. Anyway here is it, just a screenshot from bridge, ill do something better tomorrow but im off the computer for a few hours. Took all images im my bathtub with a flash aimed in the roof. Took a few hours, but had fun doing it. Will make all the numbers some other day, now im out for some snow!

Photo on 2009-12-22 at 20.39.jpg

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 10.24.19 PM.png

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Home sick today, i seriously always get sick when its cold outside. Thats why i wanna fucking move from here, but then it happends stuff like this saturday. Versus party out at Hisingen with the bassline crew holding it down and some other dudes was killing it. Heres my favorite photos from the night. All done by me. More at my flickr.

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Classic party, versus tonight, zippin drinks with Tengan #nohomo. Time to leave, later people! Was doing some dirty work earlier today, im the dude in the silver suit. fail…

Also salutes an old friend down south with a classic song fro gothenburg @stefan i see you.


Photo on 2009-12-19 at 22.00.jpg

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Time to get that paper bwoooi. Salute!

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