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November, 2009 Monthly archive

Hectic week, ill tell you more later. Heres the 10 Deep lookbook shot, i think it looks pretty dope. I wanna make stuff like this too… Someday.

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jgh i m drubk, parti akll over,

viagra 100mg

Pretty good sunday actually. Woke up hungover as a mfka. Took a treo, a cinnamon bun and went back to bed. Stayed there watching shows til like 3 o clock, then i decided to go into the city and try the Gucci Dunks out. My size was gone so i put aside the 8′s til wednesday and i might buy them just to sell then. They are like 100 bucks and they are already going for over 300 on various sneakersites, the shoe in general isnt really that good looking. Much better then i though though. Then i came home and wanted to make something, so i made Semlor, its like the best thing ever.

Now listening on some Al Green while trying finish up a logotype. G’night people.

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viagra vs cialis

viagra for sale

viagra over the counter

viagra price

More youtube shit… Should start cleaning up a little and take a shower, but this is me tonight at around 2.24AM maybe?

what does viagra do

I know its old but i laugh as fuck when the bee flies in his mouth. He just cant hold the hoodrat inside anymore.

canadian pharmacy viagra

Im finally back from my flu and tonight im back like crack on gothenburgs streets. Heres some hits that will probably stoke me up as the evening turning into night and night to morning. Classic hits

This video is so dope!

is viagra government funded

Haha, what the fuck is this? Love the comment:

I grew up in the Bronx and it is as simple as this – if a man going to walk around snapping at people.

He will also need to know the following:
1. How to run
2. How to duck
3. How to signal a passing patrol car, while being chased by a gang of crazy hoodlums.

There is nothing wrong if you are going to be snapping is a safe, police protected area – show up in the ghetto with that shit and get all your finger broken.

Broken finger *snap*

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Been home all day today as well. Been raining outside so i couldn’t really go out. Winter is coming i guess, fuck… Gonna work tomorrow, pretty stoked. Think ill give you a massive post of inspo today.





















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My day rhythm is fucked up. Its 4am and i cant sleep. I ate a grape and took a picture of it, now watching Big Bang Theory and after that some nice space documentaries. I know im a total geek. Live long and prosper! ha!

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cost of viagra

So im almost fully recovered. Guess ill just chill home tomorrow as well so i get just totally back so i can skate, bike and all that other stuff that i love. Im seriously so fucking tired of sitting home. Just downloaded 10 GBs of space documentaries, pretty stoked. Think ill start share stuff that i enjoy in my RSS. Heres some photos i think are pretty awesome.







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