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I remembered when i was in like 4th or 5th grade. Everybody was listening to dudes like Markoolio and Emilia. I mostly listened to swedish hip hop back then, dudes like Petter, Fattaru, Fjärde Världen, Ayo, Ken. Yeah, the list goes on, but of some strange reason i had the Prodigy – Firestarter single at home and listened to that repeatedly for like 3 weeks in a row. When i discovered Napster which actually was free at that time and start downloading music i looked up more Prodigy songs and i remember taking my tape recorder to the speakers, play the song on winamp and just let it record so i could put it in my freestyle and feel awesome. The sound quality was terrible but i didnt really gave a fuck. It was prodigy, and it was loud.

Here is some reminiscing songs from the era when i had spikes and was the wierdest kid at Hagen skolan, haha. Gotta find some photos from that time… The videos are so gore and wierd, love it.

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