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What is viagra, Buy viagra online cheapest

So i finally got my salary into my account. A little less then what i hoped for but still its nice with some money. Picking up a package now with a order from Caliroots i ordered like a week ago so im pretty stoked about that. Pair of new Jordans, a HUF tee, new wheels and a pair of headphones. Im feeling quite good this morning, except for my fucking cold… Cant breath and cough like fuck. Drinking some cough medicine with morphine in it and hope everything gets better. At least i get dizzy, haha. Thought i share some cool stuff from my inspo folder again. Think ill go with some GIFs today, thanks to cialis vs viagra for a few of em. Enjoy.



Picture 4.gif

Thats me actually… pretty gnarly slam at petrero del sol skatepark, SF.



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