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My list today, will soon be done.

1. Pay the bills and the Inkasso i got yesterday… (check)
2. Pick up my package from Caliroots (check)
3. Read up my RSS reader a little (check)
4. Eat breakfust (check)
5. Talk to my landlord about the missing laundry key
6. Clean up my apartment
7. Pack up stuff for my Stockholm trip
8. Buy a gymcard (check)

Well, its going along. Like the stuff i got form cali though, even though im not really a dude with headphones they look ok and for 200 kr they are really good. I get mad headache if i have them more then 30 minutes on though, guess ill have to stretch em out a little. Jag är klassisk “kittad”.

Photo 556 copy.jpg

1 comment
  1. huh says: October 27, 200901:58

    synd att fatta eld, fattarus första skiva, kom ut när du gick i 7:an…

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